Saturday, March 30, 2013

1k Flash: Black Plate And Bondo Beauty Queen: 1969 Ford Club Wagon Van

Today's DT flash feature is covered in a fine patina of bondo and honesty.  The seller doesn't try to convince us this turd is a gem, in fact he starts off with the statement "Not a good van to try and impress a gal on first date."  Truer words haven't been published on craigslist.  Find this 1969 Ford Club Wagon Van for sale in La Cañada (not to be confused with 'O Canada' - the Canadian national anthem), CA for $1500 via craigslist.

More choice quotes from the seller: "Very reliable. No power anything. Even has a manual choke."  This is a good thing because manual stuff tends to survive the apocalypse better and when your neighbor's new Lexus's keyless ignition-less electric-motor-starter doesn't work because of an EMP blast...well, you'll just hop in the BondoBus and drive by as zombies feast on his brain. 

This van will be great for camping, race weekends, surviving carmageddon - it even has a convertible table/bed for those late night poker games that turn into slumber parties...just please don't spray paint the words "free candy" on the side of this van, because that is downright wrong.

Final thoughts; Why do we like this van?  Number one is the price, it's dirt dirt cheap. Second is the fact that the current owner has had it for 20 years.  Third, its got a recently rebuilt Ford 302 V8 up front and sports what look like original California black plates in the back.  Finally, because it is old school, like the seller  "Please do not text me. I am old school and texting is not my thing."

See a cheaper/better old school cargo or camper van? email us here: 


  1. The Free Candy distribution vehicle!

  2. A confidence inspiring seller on craigslist?!? The apocalypse must be imminent.

  3. " Free Candy"....freaking CLASSIC!.

    O man you guys always kill me! Old School Rules and so does DT!

  4. Hmmmm, "Free Candy Fridays" to go along with "Thorsdays"?


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