Monday, March 25, 2013

1k: Banana Boat: 1975 Toyota Corolla Wagon

We love simple rear drive econo-boxes and they don't get much simpler than the 3rd generation E30 Toyota Corolla.  The wagon version is equipped with a small pushrod 4 cylinder engine mated to a solid beam rear axle; simple and effective for a family transporter.  Find this 1975 Toyota Corolla wagon in North Hollywood, CA for $1,550 via craigslist.

This E30 generation Corolla is likely powered by the 2T-C, a 1.6 liter pushrod carburetor fed lump of iron that puts out 75 horsepower.  Not exactly thrilling in stock condition, but the 1975 title frees it from the California smog restrictions..if you are willing to live on the other side of the law.

The seller states that this smiley face yellow wagon has 75k original miles on the odometer, meaning it is good for another 200k easy.  The drive-trains will outlast the sheet metal on these early Japanese imports and the only reason this one hasn't succumbed to the tin-worm is the Southern California mild climate.

Maybe we've been drinking the wagons-are-Koolaid for too long, but we think this could be a sweet family hauler with some bodywork on the front end...and maybe a Euro/JDM bumper swap...and an SR20DET...too much?  Too many wagons?  Let us know in the comments:

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