Friday, March 1, 2013

15k: Deja Volvo; 1973 Volvo 1800ES; Ex-DT Exclusive

Regular readers of the Daily Turismo will recall the exclusive listing for a '73 Volvo 1800ES that we posted on Monday of this week. It generated a huge response and the seller contacted us to give his thanks as it had sold the next day.  We had the feeling that we would see this pumpkin orange model again and it is now for sale again - that was quick.  Find this 1973 Volvo 1800ES here on ebay with buy-it-now of $15,500 $12,500 (edit 3/4/12; BIN has dropped)

Hey - nice gloves!!  When you drive a car of this vintage, you need gloves, a classic cap and maybe a scarf.  Whatever this car sells for we can attest that it has a fantastic paint job and was fixed up by a knowledgeable Volvo guy. We'd love to tag along and find out where this car goes next - it almost ended up in a DT blogger's garage...but we are all out of space and need to spend less time looking at cars and more time working on the DTPC!


  1. It would seem so, yes, but the fact is that the current seller is a daily turismo divining rod and he works hard to get these cars to the people that seek them. He is a flipper, yes, but a fair and honest one. Buy with confidence.

  2. The last seller was a paint shop owner who (we were told) ended up with the car because his customer defaulted on payment for the paint job. Looking at these Ebay photos, we might better understand who was at fault in that dispute. Take a look at the overspray on the car's ID plate:


  3. So this car from the Big 3 was bought by a flipper.........I find it hard to believe that an owner would lose his 1800ES in a dispute over paint and body shop work. But given the paint all over the springs and elsehere not surprising there was a dispute. But doubling the ptice after a hundred mile ride north?

    And you wonder why people are suspicious and distrust almost everything in modern day Amerika?

    1. its actually 150 miles north

  4. +1 Brent F.
    Every exterior picture highlights some flaw in the paintwork- orange peel, overspray, bad prep, runs-etc.
    This car presents the perfect accompanying photo essay for the seldom purchased book,
    "How to Paint Your Car in 15 Minutes AND Achieve Less than Desirable Results!"

    Perhaps the original pre-flip asking price was more in line with the quality of the work performed.

  5. Neat car! I aways like that model. But really Mr. Car Flipper, double the price? That's just shady!

  6. It looks like some BAT regulars found about DT


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