Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10k: Oddball McLaren; 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix ASC/McLaren Special

Out of all the things to wear a McLaren name, we can't imagine anything more strange than the Pontiac Grand Prix.  Pontiac created a limited run of 2000 special edition of the Grand Prix using the ASC (American Sunroof Corporation) / McLaren (as in famed racing legend turned race-car builder Bruce McLaren).  Find this 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix ASC/McLaren for sale in Billings, MO MT currently offered for $12,000 via craigslist.

On top of the standard Grand Prix, the ASC corporation provided additional body cladding and hood louvers - stuff that became commonplace on the ridiculously styled mid '90s Pontiacs, but it was quite striking for 1990.  Today, it looks like someone raided a JC Whitney catalog and 'pimped' this ride.

McLaren Performance Engines group added a turbocharger to the 3.1 V6, bumping power up to 205 horsepower.  It is interesting to note that McLaren and Pontiac needed a turbocharger and 3.1 liters to make the same power that Honda made from a 2.2 liter non-turbo engine a few years later.

The Grand Prix featured a unique set of individual bucket seats in the rear - no mention if this was specific to the ASC/McLaren or all GPs had this stuffed-comfy-chair look.  The interior shown in the photos actually looks in good condition and supports the sellers assertion that this is a "show room condition" example.

We aren't going to say that a 3.1 liter turbocharged V6 front-drive with automatic transmission Pontiac from 1990 is worth the $12k asking price...but we will say that it is probably the cheapest thing you can find with a McLaren decal on it with the exception of Lewis Hamilton's old racing suit.

The more well known fruit of the ASC/McLaren collaboration were the Fox-body Ford Mustangs and sister  Mercury Capris. These were appearance & performance upgrade packages similar to the wrong-wheel-drive Pontiac shown here, except they might actually be worth owning...

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  1. ~ Billings, MT not Billings, MO.
    another unusual beasty from ASC/McLaren. an honest injun from the Poncho tribe.

  2. Fixed, thanks for the alert scot. Montana and Missouri - not exactly interchangeable!

  3. Yay!! Tupperware party!! (arms flailing in the air).

  4. I remember test-driving one of these in rural NE when I was in high school. It had a lot of miles, a sun-destroyed interior and rattles and shakes. It still had plenty of get up and go. Too bad the 3.1 turbo engine couldn't have been around a couple of years prior and installed in the 88 Fiero. That combo could have been as legendary as the Grand National.

  5. How much did you end up selling for I have the same car with 70K original miles. Same color. trying to price. Gary

  6. Hey Gary, how much were u looking for? I have a 1990 and need a parts car. 12k is insane and I'm sure they didn't get it but would like to hear from u. Thanks

  7. I have an complete 89 Turbo GP with a clear title, here in Minnesota.
    My daughter just had to have it. Come and get it, or I may bring it to you???


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