Thursday, March 7, 2013

10k: Mini Burn; 1960 Austin Mini Minor

Most of the cars featured on the Daily Turismo are chosen because they are good deals or visually striking...never have we featured a car because the seller has made a particularly biting comment towards a potential bidder, until now.  This 1960 Morris Mini Minor Saloon French garage find is for sale in Crystal Lake, IL, currently bidding on ebay for $5,699 reserve-not-met with 3 days to go.

The seller, haha11 pictured here in his ebay profile wearing an "I love hot moms" t-shirt, recieved the following question, answered it, and posted the entire affair for all to see on the auction page...

Q:      Do you have a buy it now price? I live locally and we used to sell them new. Love it. Thank you, Richard Buxbaum.   
A:      Richard, with all due respect you jacked me around and low balled me on a BMW R69S a few years ago. Then you did the same with my pal in Holland Michigan. You obviously ignored my terms to this auction. I have no interest in doing business with you. Word gets around in this small community. Haig Haleblian

Mr. Buxbaum is going to need a serious tube of burn ointment to soothe the USB keyboard cord whipping he received from Mr. Haleblian.  The car itself is one of those rare quite common  "barn finds," a class of vintage car that has low miles and hasn't been driven for many years.  Several years ago the barn find was a good way to pick up a cheap unloved classic and shovel a bunch of hard earned cash into making it road worthy.  Today, a barn find with interesting history will often fetch more than a clean well loved example.

This particular Mini has some kind of Franco-Illinois connection and the seller is generously allowing the next owner to uncover its providence.  The next owner will also be allowed the pleasure of replacing every seal, gasket, rubber piece, tire, etc that has rotted to oblivion while this car was waiting to be reclaimed.

This author really wishes he could get into the whole "oh goody, a barn find" mentality, but would only get excited if the barn finds offered some serious cash discount.  As is, it really makes sense to buy a decently restored or nice original survivor Mini and save your time for driving it, such as this 1968 Mini Automatic for $12,995 obo. The featured car looks very original and complete - both great pluses - but it needs a wash!

See a well used classic that doesn't require a full restoration at a reasonable price?  email us here:


  1. ~ you picked up on the 'questions about this item' too. had a good laugh.
    . but is that an Alfa in the pic 1 background??
    . what's with the shifter on the Snowberry White auto Mini? it is one great deal; 40+mpg, @ $12,000 - 4 year old Hyundai bucks.

  2. I am smitten by this car. I don't have the money, and if I did, I'd widen the gate to my back yard and park it on the patio, immediately outside the living room.

    Nothing is better than a rust-free, unmolested barn/garage find, be it a '00 M Coupe or a '60 Mini Minor. Previous owners haven't "improved" them, and they have just enough patina to be drivable on roads with the other morons out there in Southern California.

    This car gives me an auto-chubby. It creates literal pangs of autolust. While the car needs a lot, it's also a time capsule which deserves hundreds of pictures taken while the perishable part restoration is taking place.


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