Friday, March 8, 2013

10k: LaForza è Mobile: 1989 Laforza Italian 4X4 Luxury SUV

In act 3 of Guiseppe Verde's opera Rigeletto, the main character  sings a canzone that starts with the arguably sexist line: "La donna è mobile" which translates literally to "the woman is flighty."  We think that the adjective flighty is better applied to an Italian 4X4 SUV that isn't a Rambo/Lambo LM02.  This 1989 LaForza 4X4 is for sale in Chicago, IL for the basso price of $7995 via craigslist.

If you are a 20-something male and this looks familiar, its probably because you've seen it on Jalopnik's nice price or crack pipe feature where it received a general thumbs down from the website for hipsters who love cars.

Instead of repeating the question from Jalopnik (is this car a good deal?), we are going to assume our readers are all on the crack pipe and will love this thing.  What's not to love about a car originally designed for miliary and police use, covered on the inside with Italian cow hide and fitted with Ford V8 power?  It is the bastard child of a one-time fling between a Pantera and a Range Rover.

The LaForza is powered by a 5.0 liter V8 from 'Merica - that should be good for 225 horsepower.  More remarkable is that the low volume car would have had 9 different engine options throughout its life span - (from wikipedia):

2.0 L Fiat/Lancia Abarth volumex S/C I4
2.5 L Alfa 119/11 V6
3.4 L M30B35 I6
5.0 L V8
5.8 L V8
6.0 L V8
2.4 L VM81A TD I4
2.5 L Sofim TD I4
2.5 L VM425 TD I4

This car has been for sale for at least 3 months, so the asking price is likely not realistic but we are still drawn to its shiny red paint and the exclusivity of an Italian badge. 

See another exotic 4X4 with domestic power? email us here:


  1. ~ i have viewed these for years on eBay but have never actually inspected one in person. i think i might like it pending a thorough test drive. as with any listing which doesn't clearly show the front seat leathers i'll presume they resemble buzzard bait.
    . having looked at the single front seat pic i'll retract that remark. not the worst i have seen.
    . some had a 6.0 liter? tell more.

  2. Now THIS is something different and interesting. I agrees, Scott, take off the stinky fake sheepskins and dash cover when presenting a vehicle for sale.

    That dash prolly has more cracks than Geraldo's pre-botox forehead.

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