Friday, March 22, 2013

10k: Cool for the Cash: 1956 MG MGA

The last MGA we featured was a bit of a project, had a hand spray painted valve cover and we put our foot in our mouth and the whole episode ended in some donations to charity...ANYWAY, this time we are going to focus on the car at hand and try to avoid sharing any of the proverbial game of Mad Libs that continuously plays in our heads.  This 1956 MG MGA is for sale in St Louis, MO for $12,500 via craigslist.  Thanks to tip from DT regular Scot.

This MGA looks out of place in the pages of DT because it is a wire wheel equipped beauty that looks like a million bucks.  We are surprised and thrilled to be able to feature such a gorgeous automobile at a non-banker price.  Additional, the maintenance is reasonable and the simple engines are easy for the garage hobbyist to rebuild.

This MGA would have originally come with a 1.5 liter B-series engine, but it has been updated to a later 1.8 liter engine from an MGB.  Expect around 95 horsepower and 105 ft-lbs of torque.  Luckily an additional 40 horsepower is only a Moss Motors supercharger system away.

The inside of the MGA is classic British style at its best, this one has had a modern stereo installed, but who cares; you are going to appreciate occasionally listening to a CD of your choosing vs. being forced to endure your local talk radio wacko with no alternative. This writer is unsure if the MGA would have come with an AM radio from the factory, or if it was a dealer installed option...

We still can't get over the amount of practical style you can get in this '50s sports car for the asking price when compared to anything else European from the same era. It's even got a nice round rumpus and that cool British dip between the door and rear fender, giving the shape some hips. Don't stare too longingly or you might find yourself $12.5k poorer in short order!

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  1. ~ i was also taken aback by the seemingly reasonable price. has the vintage car market corrected in the last couple of weeks? probably not, but there are always bargains to be found. my hope is that someone who loves MGAs buys it to enjoy. i realize there is a good chance a profit could be made so.... we will see.

    1. ~ @ AbnMike,
      . yea, saw that. i tried emailing through the cl system again since there is no phone number. three attempts, can't imagine any urgency to sell, though we've gotten a foot of fresh snow since Saturday. several of the BaT commenters have said they are going for it.

  2. Agreed with scot - a quick ebay search shows a number of MGA's for $20k asking, and one basket case, not running, with bungie-cords holding the doors closed for $8k.

    This looks like a half price sale...why?

  3. Since STL is just over 2 hours up the interstate from me, I am tempted to go and check it out. I don't remember when A's were this cheap without needing serious work.
    Anyone need it looked at, I can vicariously live through you.

    1. ~ @ James C,
      just guessing ~~ Cape Girardeau or Carbondale, maybe Rolla area?
      if you're coming to St.Louis notify me. we'll take a look at the A get a frosty beverage

    2. Scot
      Lebanon, so you were close; I almost said the 44, but...
      Maybe I will come up and just look; I can't buy it, although if this popped up in 2-3 yrs the business should be good enough for me to buy it.

    3. ~ @ James,
      . i'll post if i receive a reply about the MG, but the offer stands. there are several really nice car displays around here.

  4. Has to be a gimmick here, or the seats are made out of the skins of missing people...something.

  5. ~ i sent an email asking for a call back from the seller through the craigslist contact system. i will report what i find out. if it is still available at the advertised price i, too am curious if something is amiss with the car. i still hope an enthusiastic MGA guy gets to feel as if he got the deal of the year.

  6. And now it has just appeared on the Daily Turismo for rich people site...


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