Wednesday, February 6, 2013

$OverPriced: Limo Bob and the Four Horsemen of the Douchepocalypse Feature a Fake Rolls Limo

Welcome to another edition of Wasteland Wednesday, Riddler style!  We've featured some heinous atrocities from Limo Bob and the Four Horsemen of the Douchepocalypse before, but this Lincoln Towncar gussied up as a Rolls Royce Phantom is a new low and for sale on ebay for $29k.  We would say bit thanks to tip from Scot, alerting us to the LimoBob item....but hold the applause until after you see this thing...

 No celebrities other than Ray Charles or Andrea Bocelli will be fooled into believing its a Rolls.  The front grill is probably attached with wood screws and obscures most of light from the stock Lincoln low beams.  The guy on the far left with the handgun necklace is Limo Bob, but we aren't sure who the two Poison/TravisTritt impersonators are supposed to be...or the lady.

Apparently there is a private airport without a locked gate that you can drive your "Limo" onto and take a picture next to some poor rich dude's LearJet.  Someone must contact the FAA.

A close up of one of the rims reveals bullets, locks and glitter applied haphazardly to the surface... avoid pot holes unless you are wearing an armored vest.

Additionally, the airport Limo Bob found is also 'pants-optional'...except that this isn't even the same car and looks like it may actually contain real British parts...and its probably not even the same airport...

See another horrible riddler gone bad...don't email us...please!


  1. ~ okay, the guilt is overwhelming. i apologize and promise to behave more gooder in the future.
    but could i trouble you for information about the 'pants-optional' airport (or model).

  2. Not only is the last picture not the same car, its also a very different blonde.

  3. It seems that the vast majority of photos in the listing are not the same car. What a douchebag...whored up on the outside and the interior looks less cushy than my wife's minivan. The whole reality show thing is just getting tweaked way out of whack...I see absolutely nothing "real" here with the car or the seller.

  4. Any chance that one guy is wearing lizard skin boots? What could be more à propos!

  5. The blonde in the first photo looks like Fergie (of Black Eyed Peas fame), whereas the red head in the last photo looks more like the real Fergie (of black sheep in the royal family infamy)

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