Saturday, February 16, 2013

DT Reader Question: What is the best car named after a President?

The Daily Turismo is planning an epic Presidents' Day special and to kick it off - we want to ask our readers what is the best 'presidential' car.  Clearly, anything with the name Lincoln or Ford in it qualifies, but what about noted two-time (non consecutive) president Grover Cleveland and the Cleveland Motor Car Company or any number of Ford product powered by the Cleveland small block V8.

To participate in our survey, send us an email with a car named after your favorite president or hit us up in the comments below.
Another option is to send us tips for the best Studebaker President Coupes for sale on ebay...such as this 1955 example located in Homosassa, FL, currently bidding for $8,865 with a few hours to go.

Your thoughts?  Special bonus for cars owned by ex-Presidents... Put a comment below or send us an email:

photo credits: wikimedia commons


  1. Easy- 1956 Lincoln Mk II. Beats the hell out of the lesser American Motors Ambassador and Dodge Diplomat!!

  2. ~ Bush Motor Co. Chicago Ill. 1916- 1925. This Bush Co. bought other named cars and re-badged them "Bush" then they were sold as a Bush Automobile by mail order.
    excellent business model, better on a fashion model.
    . does slick Willys count?

    1. ~ Napoleon? (1916–1919) i guess he was an emperor but you never said American president.

    2. Lovin' the slick Willys Scot!

  3. The Cartercar was made in Jackson, Michigan from 1906-12
    Adams-Farwell from 1905-1911
    The Carter Twin had two 35HP motors made from 1902-08
    In case Chris Christie ever gets elected, we have the Christie made from 1904-10
    There are several Cleveland including a Cleveland Electric 1909-10
    If you are a good ol' boy, you might like the Davis, a steam car made in 1910
    Jackson made from 1903-23 A Lincoln was made in 1914 (not the one from Ford.)
    Since many presidents were in a Masonic Lodge, there is the Mason made from 1906-1914
    Of course, there is the outstanding Pierce-Arrow made in Buffalo, NY from 1901-1938 and the Pierce-Rancine made fro, 1904-1909
    Studebaker also had a Commander, since the president is commander-in-chief.
    There was a Thomas (jefferson) made from 1910-1919
    There are three presidential named cars made in Canada: Clinton 1911-1912, Harding1911-1912, and the Kennedy from 1909-1912
    The Buchanan was a kit car made in the 1950's in Australia
    Also, Australia gave us the HomeBUSH and Brazile made the Democrata (democrat in Portuguese) and finally, my favorite, the Taylor Aero Car made in the US in 1949. It was a flying car who's wings folded behind it for road use. There were 6 made and only one survives.

  4. Cars named after Presidents? There are some die hard members of the Tea Party out there who think everything produced by GM is an "Obamamobile"

    Here's an example from today in this thread concerning GM's plans to introduce a new rear wheel drive Chevy SS, as:

    "It's just another obamamobile."

    From: ",588253

  5. Even easier would be this guy, who stated:

    "I am a Ford, not a Lincoln"

    Gerald R. Ford (b. 1913), U.S. Republican politician, president. address, Dec. 6, 1973, on taking vice-presidential oath

  6. ~ damn, guys. sorry i let this slip my mind! being a bit AMC-psycho i submitted 'George Romney's Personal '64 Rambler Classic' the other day but it didn't make the cut.
    cantidate Mitt with Dad's neo-Nash @ Chrysler Museum prior to closing announcement;
    minus 2 points for slow-on-the-draw.

    1. ` this is fun.
      Taft's Baker Electric;
      FDR's Packard;
      Truman's Ford;
      Kennedy's T-Bird;
      Johnson's Amphicar;
      Nixson's Oldmobile;
      Clinton's Mustang;
      Reagan's Jeep;

  7. ~ don't ask me why Taft is pictured opposite a car that clearly reads 'International Harvester' up front. i can't tell you. doh... !

  8. Yeah I'm going to have to go with the Pierce-Arrow...

  9. I looked all over for a car named Dalai Lama but couldn't find one. I don't want to drive a car named after a president - or any politician that tells non-stop lies... even on presidents day. Perhaps a car partially designed by Salvadore Dali?


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