Saturday, February 23, 2013

5k Flash: 1992 BMW 525i Wagon; Minty Clean

The BMW E34 5-series was a large luxury family car from BMW, available as a sedan or wagon (estate).  We don't see the wagon versions very often on the road anymore, but they offer a surprising amount of room for the kids/gear/junk while maintaining the classic BMW luxury, handling and performance.  This 1992 BMW 525i E34 wagon is for sale in Feasterville-Trevose, PA offered for $7,950 or-best-offer via ebay.  Big thanks to tip from Oldsmobuick.

This particular E34 is in very nice cosmetic shape, or has been photographed by a genius. It looks fabulous in the images provided.

The 525i is powered by the M50B25, the same inline 6 that powers the E36 325i, and puts out 189 horsepower at the flywheel. These engines are very smooth and pull hard, feeling more powerful than the on-paper specs would suggest.

BMW didn't sell many wagons with manual transmissions for the US market, and this one is predictably equipped with an automatic. But swapping a 5 spd into this car would just be a matter of sourcing the correct junkyard parts and wouldn't require any custom fabrication. We say give it a try, what's the worst that could happen? You'd end up with a much more involving drive at the least.

If you really need a wagon for family, dog or junk hauling duties the E34 isn't a bad bet. We can think of much worse, and this one looks to be in tip-top shape for the money. See something better? Send us a tip:


  1. ~ one of the prettiest wagons ever and the double sunroof of the BMW 525iT is the coolest. if only there were $8 grand in the petty cash account.

  2. Actually there were no N.A. E34 Tourings (wagon) that were 5 spd.

    1. Yes, you are correct the US spec e34 wagons never came with a 5spd - and it is possible that BMW never sold a 5spd wagon in any model...does anyone know of a US spec BMW wagon with 5spd when new?

    2. ~ there were few enough 5 series cars with manual shift to make the parts worth scavenging if found. the same seems true with Volvo M-47 true 5-speed manual.
      anybody got one for sale?

    3. The slightly smaller 3 series E36 and E46 wagons were available with 5 spds, but very few sold.

  3. The E39 touring's were available with 5/6 spds, depending on model.
    I own a late '95 525iT that I bought for my wife as a DD, but now that she is getting a new one, I plan on transplanting a M3 motor with a 5spd, and retaining it for me.

  4. If you drove your kids to school in this they would take them off the free luch program.

  5. In my search for 5 series wagons I've run into a couple of manual trans.


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