Sunday, February 24, 2013

10k: A Man, A Van, A Plan; 1960 Fiat 600 Multipla Micro-Van

The A Man, A Can, A Plan books by David Joachim are a series of man-themed cookbooks that involve canned goods, minimal effort and quick results.  We would like to think that you can approach car restoration with similar approach involving a man, a van and a plan...find your van here;  This 1960 Fiat 600 Multipla is for sale in Forest City, PA and currently bidding for $4,300 reserve-not-met on ebay.

The Seicento was a city car built by Fiat from 1955-1969, but the Multipla Van was a 6 passenger version that puts all modern minivans to shame with its economy of space and style.  The Multipla can be considered the grand-daddy of the modern MPV and it used its rear engined setup to pack people and stuff inside like no other vehicle of its time. 

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The driver was positioned on top of the front axle and the final row of passengers (or baggage) sat atop the engine/transmission.  The wide rear doors give plenty of room access for grandparents and an unsecured child or two.  This one will require some effort before you can take the in-laws out to dinner.

The Fiat 600 is powered by a watercooled 600 cc engine that produced 21 horsepower and will get the 1500 lb Multipla up to a top speed of 57.1 mph.  Zero to 50 mph is absolutely obliterated in 43 seconds...0-60 mph can be listed as N/A.

The front fascia of the Multipla is classic Fiat cute; it just makes you want to smile!  What won't make you smile is the seller's description of the fuel-spraying carburetor, spongy brake pedal and locked up wheel cylinders.  It is quite a project, but fully restored these can command serious money.

See another micro van for cheap?  email us here:

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  1. ~ what a sweet ride! with this Fiat, a blanket, a P-51 can opener, a JCWhitney hot-shot, and a copy of 'A Man, A Can, A Plan' i could survive for weeks in my garage slash commodity-storage slash NASCAR media room.
    [go Danica]

    [P-51 link for the curious)


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