Tuesday, February 12, 2013

10k Flash: 1990 Nissan 300ZX w/VH45 V8 Swap

The Z32 generation Nissan Z was available with a natuarally aspirated or turbocharged V6 - which while fast and fun, is lacking the aural charm and off-the-line torque of a big V8.  Thankfully, lunatics with spare time and access to power tools have given us the ability to buy a used 300ZX with an Infiniti Q45 V8 shoehorned into the front, such as this 1990 Nissan 300ZX w/ VH45 V8 swap for sale in Danbury, CT, currently selling on ebay for $10,850 buy-it-now.

This Nissan 300ZX has lived a long life and currently has 173k miles on the chassis and sports some aftermarket front fascia and grille parts.

The Nissan VH45 engine shoved into the front is from a 1990-1996 G50 platform Q45.  It is a 4.5 liter all-alloy DOHC V8 that puts out 276 horsepower and does a fantastic impersonation of a transverse mounted engine, but it's just a longitudinal V8 with an oddly shaped intake manifold.

Although the ad doesn't specify, this car looks to be equipped with a manual transmission, probably the original trans mounted to the stock V6.

While we do like this car, the asking price is a bit optimistic - if it was more stock in appearance and had 100k less miles, it may be able to pull $10k, but as is it better be really well sorted for this kind of asking price.

See another V8 swapped Z-car? email us here:  tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. ~ these, in stock form, nice condition, price out higher than i expected. seems to me with a full set of images it could, at least, should bring close to the ask. the Nissan V8 fits perfectly and makes sense. the intake plenum really throws you off.

  2. Yeah. No kidding re price and engine optical illusion. Before I read the description I looked at the photo and asked WTF out loud...


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