Friday, February 8, 2013

0.5k: 1983 Volvo 244; Leopard Print Inside & Out

The Volvo 200 series is a regular winner here at the Daily Turismo.  We like it for its basic rear drive architecture, rack & pinion steering, available manual transmission and ultra cheap sticker.  This 1983 Volvo 244 (probably a DL) is wearing a animal print skin inside-and-out; for sale in Monmouth, IL for the leopard-skinflint price of $500.

This Volvo 244 is a real riddler; it has what looks like a home made animal print paint scheme which almost qualifies it as cougar bait...but we can only give out so many DT badges to each car.  The self-described 'art-car' needs a new battery, needs 'breaks,' needs transmission work and needs paint touch-up...some assembly required.

This car isn't really a Daily Turismo waiting for a driver - at best its a future 24 Hours of LeMons car - pre-theme'd and ready to go.  Just don't buy this Volvo if you need a simple daily driver for your commute - there are dozens of better examples for sale around the country.

See another riddler, thorsday, some assy required, cougar bait...?  email us here:


  1. ~ ' needs a new battery, needs 'breaks,' needs transmission work and needs paint touch-up...'
    i've unsuccessfully checked Krylon, Sherwin-Williams, and Rust-oleum chip charts but i'll keep looking.

  2. Now THERE'S a Volvo... I'd be the hottest(looking) car on the demo derby field!!

  3. What did this poor car ever do to warrant such treatment.

    Is there a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Volvos that we can contact?

    Maybe we can organize a telethon to raise $500 plus the cost of a Maaco paint job: "All over America, blameless Volvos face daily abuse. This is Sven, once a proud family car. After Sven's family got tired of him, they handed him over to a man purporting to be a Car Artist. You can see the shocking result. Won't you care enough to pledge $10 (or about 65 Swedish Krona) to help deliver Sven to a safe home? Don't wait, call now. Operators are standing by."


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