Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LAAS: LA Auto Show Pics

Our resident LA Auto show interloper snapped a few photos with an iphone (posted most of those) and a DSLR - and we figured we'd share the good ones with our readers.  Link here.

The GAS booth always has some good stuff and we love this vintage Bronco in a pseudo Gulf colors.  They also had a lineup of other tarted up cars, but we think the Bronco stood out!

A pleasant surprise from the General - they displayed the 130R, a concept car of an inexpensive rear wheel drive coupe and we wonder if there is a market for these...oh wait...maybe GM has heard of the BRZ/FRS, MX5, Genesis, 128i, etc.  It continues to amaze us how GM can build such an incredible car like the Corvette and be so late to the party in every other segment.  The 130R will come with some unspecified eAssist mild hybrid system, which (unfortunately or fortunately?) will become a reality for just about every car in a few years.

Click through to this link here to see a few more photos from the show.

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