Sunday, December 16, 2012

DT Success: 1980 Honda City Turbo purchased by Randy C

We received an update via our facebook page yesterday giving us some fantastic news.  The Honda City Turbo II we featured on Dec 3rd was picked up by a DT reader Randy C.  In all truthfulness, we almost didn't feature that City Turbo II and just clicked buy-it-now to purchase sight unseen because it will be a long time before we see another one on ebay complete with Motocompo scooter for a reasonable price.  Randy pulled the trigger when he saw the feature and did a fantastic write up of his adventure to buy the HCTII on his website.  (We are featuring a few excerpts here with his permission.)  Congrats Randy on the new ride and we want a ride when you take a trip to the beach!


 Randy picked up his new Motocompo at the Phoenix airport and drove it back to his car hauler in Palm Springs - and had some adventures along the way.  Here he accurately comments "You gotta have a Big Johnson to drive a little car like this!"


Here is a self portrait of Randy clearing having too much fun with his HCTII and iphone while violating all kinds of Arizona and California cell phone driving laws - we like this guy!

Randy calls the seller of the HCTII  'crazy' and shares some photos of a gratified and giant Honda emblem decorated 'lair' where he stores the Motocompo.  We are totally confused by this photo, but it ranks high on the awesome scale.


After driving the Hyper Turbo II for several hundred miles, it gets a final ride home inside of a car hauler - lots of extra room with the tiny City footprint.  Easily room for a few giant Honda emblems for instance...


We aren't sure where this photo is taken, but it is probably near Randy's brothers house given his collection of pickled rattlesnakes...seriously Randy's carchaeology story is something you need to read, its only missing a picture of him in a roadside mens room commenting on the quality of the facilities "2 ply in stall number three at mile marker 178 rest stop, but no butt gaskets."

Have another extremely well documented success story to share? email us here;


  1. You owe it to yourself to read Randy's great piece on his website link! Great road trip.

  2. ~ agreed, great bunch of pictures, fun trip and visit with family, drive a unique vehicle through abandoned landscapes and place the car with someone who will care for it. two questions spring to mind; you aren't driving HCTII to Florida are you? of more interest, did you keep the Motocompo for yourselves? very entertaining, Randy.


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