Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5k: 1967 BMW 2000 CS Coupe

We've featured BMW Neue Klasse coupes in the past, but the previous listing was a disaster of titanic proportions - and  literally titanic levels of rust/grime/barnacles covering every surface.  Today's feature is much more clean, this 1967 BMW 2000 CS Coupe found on kijiji in Toronto, ON, Canada and looks in remarkably nice condition for the $4150 CDN asking price.
Thanks to tip from DT reader Peter R. 

 The BMW 'New Class' chassis was the platform for the iconic BMW 2002 sedan, and those can be found around every street corner in DT's Southern California, but the plaform was also used for the uniquely styled 2000 CS coupe.  Some have derided the beaver-teeth shaped kidney grill and covered headlamp treatment, but today it looks unique and interesting, and we like it.

 The seller describes this car as excellent frame and decent body, and the interior looks well preserved for the price - but the sun flare could hide some nasty dashboard cracks.  Thankfully this 2000 comes with the desirable 4 speed manual transmission mated to the CS's twin carburetor equipped 2.0 liter inline 4 putting out 120 horsepower.

 We acknowledge that the collector market for the 2000 isn't as good as its big brother 2800 series, but the price on this one still seems a bargain if everything works and looks as nice as it seems.  Do a thorough inspection and this BMW could bring you a fantastic $$$/smile ratio.

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  1. ~ 96000 kilometers = less than 60000 miles but passenger side hood alignment is suspect and tragic tales of concealed rust say, 'caution'.

  2. I live in Toronto and know these cars (and their weak spots). I could do an inspection for a prospective buyer. Judging from the license plate, this is likely a long time Ontario resident vehicle.

  3. I like the covered headlights and flag rearview mirrors. These features are shared with a Toyota 2000GT of the same year.

  4. I see signs of inner fender rust, which indicates possible rust in the strut towers. Definitely check thoroughly. Karmann made an interesting, complex body for this car, but rust-proofing is non-existent. At this price, though, a running car with clean interior and all the trim seems like a deal.

  5. Certainly a deal, if it is not badly rusted. 'Tis the season to buy collectible cars in the snow belt. Winter is close at hand, and shelter can be expensive. Best to show up with cash in hand (and not too much of it!).



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