Friday, December 21, 2012

20k Mayan Carpocalypse: GRX Interceptor, Originally $1.8 Million

If you thought the Mayan Carpocalypse was behind us...well you'd be wrong because we spend good effort on that logo image and it won't just be used once a year like the ill-fated loony-labor-day theme.  Here to continue the preparation for the end of days is a car built for one of the horsemen of the apocalypse - a undisclosed model year GRX Interceptor, built by Tommy 'The Greek' Mouzes, and now for sale in Lancaster, CA, currently bidding on ebay for $20,100 reserve-not-met with less than 1 day to go.

 Looking one part BatMobile and one part Predator-face, this thing is quite a beast.  It was probably built around 1993 based on our research results from an Chicago Tribune article, and apparently came with a Bruce Wayne price tag of $1.8 million dollars!  That is a lot of coin for a car that the builder says he designed "from my head without even using a blueprint."

DOT regulations notwithstanding we can't imagine wanting to drive this thing on a road or race-track, it is18 feet long and 6.5 feet wide, built from all steel panels and motivated by a Chevy 350 small block V8 putting out 375 horsepower.  It really reminds us of project GLCOAT - a future 24 Hrs of LeMons car currently under construction by the "Speedycop" racing team.

The real end seems to have been styled by the same guy who built that heinous VW beetle whale tail monstrosity.  Enjoy the non-end of the world tonight and we'll be back with more programming tomorrow.

Don't bother emailing us just in case the end of the world does happen, we'd not want the email packets floating around in the internet for all eternity searching for a destination.


  1. Now thats depreciation!

  2. Sheesh, doubt she sold for $1.8M. That thing is Fugly with a capital F.

    There is a natural parallel between a face and cars front end, and this one looks like it has eyes in it's mouth, and a forehead that just won't quit.

    Looks like a Camaro rear window for the windshield. Not sure you can see out of it as the front end is higher than the bottom of the windshield.

    Yeah, a blueprint might have helped. Might have saved $1.8M if he had at least drawn it first.

  3. Pontiac Firebird with a very ugly skin condition. $1.8 Mil, aaaaah no.

    1. look cool to me may be you couch potatos should try building something better when u get thru playing mini pocket pool I meet tommy at an auto show very cool smart an rich dude

    2. ~ what are you mumbling about ?
      riddle me this, where does he get all those wonderful toys ?

    3. that car is cool for being built in 1992 21 years ago

  4. I took a poll showed grx to alot of people everyone liked it

  5. warner bros should get this guy to build a batmobile he rocks

  6. I agree that car looks hot

  7. That is a nice looking car I dont know what this Idiot is taking about that wrote this artical

    1. Article. It is spelled article.

    2. Oh rly? What are you taking? About.

    3. Fleetwood T. BroughamApril 24, 2014 at 7:38 AM

      Your right. Total moran. They are just pre-Madonnas.

  8. G.R.X. Looks like could have been a Bat mobile. It looks better then all the ones they used in the movie From the front it kinda looks like a bat. I really like it,good job Tommy

  9. Well, I bought it. And have already chopped it into little pieces.
    I have removed "Everything that was hit with the ugly stick".
    It's now a roadster with much better legroom and a 31 inch overall height.
    Will also have the ability to transform into a custom Batmobile for shows and events.
    I have kept the tail to honor it's roots, but now it retracts like a switchblade.
    "The GRX INTERCEPTOR is dead. Long live the GRX BLACKBIRD!"


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