Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 12:12:12.12 Lunacy: Electric Mine Personnel Carrier, Zombie Proof

It is perfectly obvious that once the zombie apocalypse happens that the zombies will immediately storm major refineries and gas will become scarce within days.  Likely too, the electric power grid will become defunct, but the ability to generate 110V with a bicycle, solar cell, or coal based steam turbine will continue because that is what humans (non-zombified) do - we innovate and survive like cockroaches.  Ergo, a good place to hold out and avoid having your brains eaten for snack would be in an active coal mine somewhere in Kentucky - and we have the perfect ride for you. This 48V Electric Mine Personnel Carrier is for sale in Tioga, WV on ebay currently bidding at $520 reserve-not-met.

When we first found this auction the "Mine Duty Personal (SIC) Carrier" name gives the impression that this might be some kind of mine sweeping military vehicle...but we couldn't imagine why mine sweeping duty would be performed in the armor equivalent of a thong and flip-flops - and then we realized that this is an ex mining vehicle from some kind of sub-surface mine.  Its electric so you don't asphixiate other miners more than usual and has a super low profile to squeeze under low hanging stalactites.

This EV comes equipped with a 10 horsepower 48V motor, 4 wheel drive, gnarly off-road tires and an on-board electric air compressor to run your pneumatic zombie fighting tools (our choice would be a sawzall and maybe a big hammer drill).  Bottom line, if you are going to survive many years past zero hour and will be doing some coal mining, this is probably a good thing to buy now.

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  1. ~ okay, speaking of flip-flops how'd they reverse the photo of the air compressor in the eBay listing?

  2. Congrats y'all... that's 3 posts in one day!!

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