Sunday, December 23, 2012

10k Flash: Super Nice Original 1970 Ford F-250 Ranger XLT Camper Special

For our last Weekly Haulrismo feature we looked at a 1970 Ford pickup, of the F-100 Ranger 4WD variety. That truck sold for a very strong $13.7k on ebay, which frankly surprised us and got us looking for a better deal on a similar vintage truck. Well, we found a real gem - another 1970 Ford, as it turns out, but this one is an F-250 (heavier duty hauling / towing rating). It is a 2WD truck, which is honestly all most people will ever need in a vintage Haulrismo. The bonus here is its originality and lower buy-in - the paint is claimed to be original in its awesome tri-tone color scheme, and the seller says it's only rolled 118k miles in its 42 years. Find this minty show-quality survivor for sale here on craigslist in San Diego, CA, for $10k asking price.

If this truck looks 75% as nice in person as it does in these photos, we think it should be a real winner. The seller presents it in immaculate condition, clean and shiny. The original California commercial black plate is front and center along with some round accessory fog lights mounted on the bumper near the overriders.

The pictures were taken in what looks to be a private driveway, but it's decked out in "Petroliana" such as the vintage Mobilgas signs and gas pump in the background. All signs point to this seller being a fastidious collector who takes pride in clean and well running machines. If this is true, it bodes well for the claims of originality and great condition.

The trim is all present as far as we can see, and the truck looks straight sighting down the sides. The wheels look aftermarket to us - but please correct us if we're wrong! They look to be 7-spoke steel wheels with chrome hubcaps and trim rings; we'd be surprised if these were offered as original equipment in 1970. Dealer up-sell perhaps?

The mid '60s origin of the styling shines through in the linear "ribbon" speedometer, with matching quartet of auxiliary gauges. Like that last F-Series on DT, this one has the luxurious SimuWood paneling on the dash and doors, which is kitschy but is par for the course in this vintage. At some point a Sunpro accessory tach has been added to the steering column, but the seller claims the air conditioning was factory installed.

The bench seat looks immaculate, and could be reupholstered. Although if this truck has been babied its whole life this could potentially be the original seat cover - if so, sitting in this cab would be akin to peeling off the clear plastic covers on Grandma's couch and getting that weird feeling that you're the first person to actually sit on it in 30 years.

This truck is equipped with the 390 FE (6.4 liter) V8, with 2-barrel carburetor and C6 automatic trans. This was the biggest V8 offered in the F-series trucks in 1970 and is likely the 2 valve per cylinder variation, which should make about 265 hp at a trucky-low 4100 rpm. That's not a lot by today's 3/4-ton pickup standards, but it should be enough to have some fun and haul some heavy holiday detritus especially with the original equipment 4:10 gears in the rear axle.

DT prediction: with the combination of awesome condition, original funky tri-tone paint, big V8 and fastidious seller - this is an awesome deal at $10k and shouldn't last long on the market.

Find a cleaner survivor pickup that's too nice to use? Email us here:


  1. Nice looking truck! Only negative that I noticed was what appeared to be after market speakers mounted into the door panels. If so, too bad, given the otherwise immaculate/original state of the interior.

  2. Man that is a sano orignal hate bastardization...........wish I had a spare 10 K...though it is a mite high but hey whatever someone pays........only way to buy 'em..... original

  3. Ford truck is popular and affordable. I always prefer a Ford vehicle when it comes to buying any automobile. But I always ensure that the dealer from which I am buying a vehicle is trust worthy.

    Ford Mustang Toronto

  4. Anybody know the original paint scheme/names?


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