Thursday, December 6, 2012

10k: 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia Pop-Top Camper, Subaru Powered

The third generation (T3) of VW's legendary 'Type 2 Transporter' continued the formula setup by its predecessors of slow, tippy and reliable, and was marketed in the USA as the Vanagon from 1979-1993.  The ultimate family version is certainly the Westfalia with pop up top, a full kitchen and sleeping accommodations for four adults!  Stay safe and dry at next year's burning man festival with this 1987 Westfalia Camper powered by a Subaru engine, for sale in Colorado Springs, CO for $11,500 via craigslist.

Why folks buy gigantic gas-guzzling, driveway-cluttering, freeway-clogging and neighborhood-blighting full sized RVs when the Westfalia and other small camper options are better in just about every measurable way except maybe shag carpet volume is a mystery to us.  The Westfalia won't win any drag competitions (especially with the pop-up air brake extended) but it'll drive up hills and it was even available in 4WD for really adventurous folks!

The Westfalia is equipped with seating for seven, a full kitchen, complete with sink and on-board water supply, fridge and sleeping accommodations for 4 adults.  Impressive amount of junk in a small package.

The Vanagon was originally powered by an aircooled flat-4 that was discontinued in the USA in 1982 due to ever tightening emissions standards.  However, this Type 2 has had its VW engine (an underpowered and unrefined lump) replaced with another flat-4 from Subaru, most likely an EJ22 from a Legacy making something like 150 horsepower.  We think this swap makes perfect sense as the Subaru's engines are more powerful and longer lasting than the OE VW lump.

Finally this Type 2 is riding on VW wheels from a 97-01 B5 Passat - an interesting choice, but it actually works quite well with this car as they are a decent looking 15 inch alloy available for cheap.  Bottom line, we think this Vanagon is a great choice for the adventurer or someone looking for a way to get out of town when the zombie apocalypse arrives.

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  1. ~ my guess would be that gigantic gas-guzzling, driveway-cluttering, freeway-clogging and neighborhood-blighting full sized RVs have a bathroom and a generator. although i really like this Subaru Vanagon. huge support group behind these. seeya on the Playa.

  2. I would like to own something like this some day. VW campers seem to hold their value well, which is to say they are pretty expensive.

  3. You could fix sushi and wiener-schnitzel for dinner. Wash it down with warm beer and saki.


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