Monday, December 17, 2012

10k: 1972 Volvo 1800E - Restored

We had recently posted a Volvo 1800S from ebay seller Oprah85 (a DT regular reader and commenter named Tamas) when he sent us an email with another minty clean 1800 (this time an E - fuel injected model) that was too nice to not feature. This 1972 Volvo 1800E is for sale in Mission Hills, CA currently bidding at $1972 with 5 days to go.

First up on Tamas - DT has featured quite a few of his cars, because he finds and restores nice looking vintage classics and sells them for an excellent price on ebay - no crazy high reserves or funny business, just Volvos, Buicks, and Lancias that qualify as cheap classics.  He did send us a nice self portrait of himself using a BFH doing some custom bumper alignment.

In color this 1800E looks incredible - its original paint color code is 108 Light Blue and this recent repaint looks fantastic.  While we prefer patina'd original paint, sometimes the factory finish is just so far gone that it needs to be resprayed, and this was the case with this one. This isn't an Earl Scheib job or rattle-can special and the paint looks great in the photos.

The 1800E is powered by a Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injected version of the B20E, a 2.0 liter inline 4 putting out 150 horsepower according to the seller, a few more than stock likely due to some tuning and de-smogification of the original engine. We spy an ipd-style finned aluminum valve cover that should be worth an extra 5hp by itself...similar to the power gain experienced after installing an AEM license plate frame on an Integra, or a "Mr. Horsepower" sticker on the side of a Mustang.

Here we have a quick photo of Tamas listening to the B20E for any signs of arrhythmia or other signs of cardiac distress - thumbs up for good health, paid by Tamascare (TM). 

The interior is described as minty clean and has recently had new a headliner and carpets installed.   We think this would be a decent place to spend a morning commute, and the black & blue combo is a sharp color scheme.

Some of the photos make the car look torquoise, but we've been told it is a light blue and certainly looks great with the gold wheels.  This is an auction to watch and see where it goes, maybe pick up a nice classic.

See another minty clean Volvo for a great price?


  1. Gah! Tamas I commented on the last one that you were evil for selling these in the dead of winter. And now your selling another! You just don't want it leaving Cali :P
    evil evil evil :)

  2. I would love them to stay in cali,but the green one is going to St Petersburg,Russia.Talking about winter:)

    1. I wonder if a B20 will run with V15 fuel? (15% vodka!)

  3. ~ this Volvo appears to have been in damn nice shape prior to Dr. Tamas' make over. a great find.

  4. Im sure it would, since its carburated.back home,eastern block,we woul put triple distilled plum brandy in the renaults,r8 and r10 and they would run.
    It was a common practice of adding a qt of medical grade rubbing alcohol to prevent hydrolocking from all the moisture accumulating in the gas tank,gas tanks were pretty much in the cabin,behind the seat.

  5. Had it not been the Christmas season with several other people to buy gifts for, all of whom share my last name, y'all never would have even seen this car.

    Seriously cool ride.


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