Friday, December 14, 2012

10k: 1965 Volvo 1800S; Minty Clean - Thorsday!

Welcome back to another edition of Thorsday - in which we feature the best Nordic vehicles found around the internet - and normally on Thursday...but for this week Thorsday falls on a Friday...if you don't understand it's not worth asking.  Today's feature comes from one of our favorite sellers on ebay, Oprah85 and is a 1965 Volvo 1800S in remarkable condition, currently bidding for $9k on ebay with 1 day to go  (Thanks to tip from DT regular Jenny O).

We like Oprah85's ebay ads because they typically feature minty clean California classics with tons of photographs, excellent walk around and driving videos, but most importantly, no reserve and shill bidder monkey business.  We've featured a few of his cars- a mint condition Chevy Caprice that sold for $5700 and a fantastically wacky pre-war Renault that sold for less than $10k.  What we are trying to say is that you don't have to be Jay Leno to afford one of his auctions or have Jay Leno's garage to do the pre-purchase inspections.

The ebay text lists this car as a Volvo P1800 - but technically only the cars built by Jensen in 1961-62 were called P1800 and the later Swedish built cars were named 1800S (the S stands for Swede!)  - but we aren't going to complain because only really obsessive Volvisti will know or care.  Regardless this coupe is powered by the B18, a 108 horsepower inline 4 cylinder engine mated to a 4 speed manual gearbox + electric overdrive.

The seller has recently refurbished the interior with new carpets, new seats (from another vehicle), new door cards, new steering wheel cover, new headliner, new kick panels - basically it has a fresh and new interior that looks nice.

This 1800S isn't completely stock, but it's got a mild cam, some exhaust work, new KYB (Kill Your Butt) shocks, new suspension bushings, new VDO gauges to replace the stock tired Smith's set - but its all stuff we would consider appropriate and positive to the driving experience.  Overall this is a sweet looking vintage ride that a new owner should be very happy with. 

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  1. Any able to figure out where that those seats are from? Just couldn't place them...
    Not a fan of that oversized exhaust pipe at all, that'd definitely come off.

  2. listing title without the S means more hits in the searchbar.People usually search for p1800.

  3. they are cobra seats

  4. My '73 ES came from Oprah, as well. Honest dealer and a good guy.

    Buy with confidence.

  5. Greetings:
    Interestingly, the wheels are from the 240 Series and feature a different bolt pattern than the 5 x 4 1/2 's from 1961-9.
    Generally, when I see this mod to accommodate the Virgo wheels---the single circuit brake system is updated to the later dual circuit system. Oddly, this wasn't done here--but would be a nice safety upgrade.
    Otherwise a nice looking 1800 S .
    an 1800 and an ES

  6. ~ a nice 1800. not exactly the one for me, but seller has spotless feedback.

  7. Looks like she is going to Russia.


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