Thursday, November 29, 2012

DT Musings: Old Lincolns Not at the LA Auto Show

Referring to the Lincoln pics from yesterday, we thought it might be useful to also provide a quick reference of some of the used Lincoln’s that are outside the 2012 LA Auto show on Ebay this week.  Afterall, there's nothing like leaving a car show and heading straight to Ebay to sate your lust for used Lincolns!!  Your time is valuable, so we've done some searching for you and found these. 

This 1941 V12 Zephyr Coupe is about as rare as Lincoln’s get.  Its in that tweener state, having already been chopped and channeled, relegating it to project status. That hasn’t deterred 51 Bidders from stepping up; but the $15K top bid has yet trip the reserve.

  This level of interest, might be due to the fact that this Coupe still has its V12 taking up useful space in its engine bay.

If its future owner wanted to make it really unique, they could invest all their best engine building skills in trying to coax some modern day horsepower out of this ancient big block; but don’t expect Ferrari like performance from it.

Without a doubt, the most collectible Lincoln is the Mark II.  It was the original Halo car for Ford.  They reportedly lost money on the sale of each car, which was an astronomical $10K in 1956 DOLLARS.  Every now and then, you might find a decent unrestored car, but most are near museum quality and commanding bucks which are a beyond the theme of  DT’s daily driver budget.

There are currently more than 35 1960’s Lincolns for sale on  Ebay.  After winnowing out the ultra nice convertibles and the 1969 Mark III’s, there are still a handful of cars suitable for Kennedy era cruising (just stay clear of Dealy Plaza). 

In fact, Ebay Seller Classiccarliquidators is currently offering these four ranging from $7,999-$16,999 which is not too many dead presidents to lay down for a ride a worthy of a dead president.

As a sucker for the ultra clean (hip) lines of the 1961-1963 cars, this Black ’63 hits all the right buttons, with the exception of the Wheels, but given the seller is a wheel retailer and they’ve kept the originals, something can probably be worked out. 

 Looking at the paint, and what appears to be a well kept original interior, I suspect the seller’s reserve may be a little north of the $15K that I usually like to set as a limit on daily drivers.
How the mighty have fallen!  Consider that 57 years ago, Lincoln was giving all the car show attendees a look at the future with their Futura

 Which was later bathed in bondo by George Barris to reappear in the Batman TV Series as the Batmobile

Barris waxes nostalgic over this creation on the last page of the December 2012 copy of Car and Driver that's probably still within easy reach, in some of your home.


  1. ~ thanks for the reminder. i tend to forget my admiration for Lincolns of the past among so many tempting models. a friend and i were discussing the suicide door Continental the other evening but neither could recall the year conventional hingeing was adopted. google image search reveals '69 to be the last with rear-hinged back door.

  2. There is also this 1936 Lincoln LeBaron 12 Cylinder at Classic Car Showcase in Troy, MI has found 29 Bidders who have sent the bidding to $69,500 with 12 hrs left to go.

    Wonder if they should have waited for the Detroit Auto Show...they coulda been front and center with this one!!

    1. ~ here's another V12 Lincoln in Missouri, i didn't see adequate images or information to submit.

  3. Lincoln Lincoln Bo Binkin.....


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