Friday, November 9, 2012

DT Contest T-Shirts Awarded

We had promised a few T-shirts to commenters, first for winning the Horrorod entry contest for Daily Turismoween and second for guessing the make and model of our Volvo DT Project car.  Today, we have the winners.

The winner of the Daily Turismoween T-shirt contest is Erich for his entry of Dr Death (Jack Kevorkian)'s VW Bus.  It was a bit over the DT price range, but it certainly qualifies as the scariest thing on wheels we found last month.

For the Daily Turismo project car guessing game we had a tie and decided to award two folks T-shirts; Roni and Scot, both of whom guessed Volvo.

If you are a winner, please send an email to with your T-shirt size and shipping address - once we have our awesome T-shirts printed up (design is still a work in progress, but we plan on having them ready before the Christmas rush) we will mail them out.


  1. That's all you're doing today?? Must be out cruising in one of those Volvos you're always raving about!


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