Thursday, November 15, 2012

DT Admin: DT Heading to LA Auto Show Nov 27/28

Auto shows to gear heads are the equivalent of back room pharmacy access to a mescaline addict and the Daily Turismo is lucky enough this year to send a contingent of representatives to the LA Auto Show.  The public show days are a nice way to see the current offerings from manufacturers all in one place, but the press days are a less crowded, packed with free food, bearded bloggers and booze.  Combine the 7am-7pm open bar, food trucks with lines of freegans and a chance to rub elbows with Adam Carolla...always a good time!  Our purpose of the auto show visit won't be to highlight the latest and greatest, but it will be to show you the cars that in 10 years will be good deals on DT.  Expect a lot of pictures of hyper-depreciation specials from Audi, AMG, /M, SVT, etc. 

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The Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works GP will have a ridiculously large MSRP to match its ridiculously large name when it debuts, but it is just a few years of filth and a good car crash away from being a DT feature.

If you find yourself at the auto show in downtown Los Angeles on press/industry day (Nov 27 or 28, 2012) you can find us in the line for free gourmet food trucks or trying to get Ferdinand PiĆ«ch to autograph our limbs.  If you can't sneak your way into the Press/Industry day be sure to swing by from Nov 30 -Dec 9 for a taste of the action (sorry, no free stuff on the regular days, just maybe a few manufacturer brochures.)


  1. I think DT just stumbled across DT's sub-motto: DT-founded by an Appreciation Of Depreciation

  2. ~ DT-founded by an Appreciation Of Depreciation
    . well done, Hunsbloger.


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