Thursday, November 29, 2012

5k Flash: 1988 BMW M5 - Unrestored Daily Driver

We at the Daily Tursimo have not hidden our love of depreciated BMW M-cars, particularly the brutal M5 sedans and our favorite is still the E28.  Its easy to like the E28 because its an honest car - it doesn't try to confound the driver with electronic wizardy like traction control or electronically controlled dampers or an M button on the steering wheel that gives an additional 100 horsepower.  We also like the seller of this 1988 BMW M5 for his brutal honesty and you can find the car offered via in Richmond, VA for $5,900.  (Big thanks to tip from e28 fanatic Kaibeezy)

 The e28 M5 was only available in Black because it is better that way, okay, in truth we have no idea why BMW only produced them in black, but they didn't make too many of them and while this one does have a little rust the price is fantastic!

 220k miles on this S38B35 3.5 liter inline 6 and it is still pushing out something near its original 256 horsepower.

 The inside of this BMW looks like its been used as a home for hobos, but the standard 535i interior should swap right in for cheap.

Bottom line, this is a fantastic price for such a rare beast.

See another e28 for cheap? email us here:


  1. ~ DT says; 'We also like the seller for his brutal honesty'
    'happy to answer any and all questions you have, but if your first question is "does it have rust" I'm going to find you and smack you'.
    honestly brutal.

  2. This is a seriously tempting example of the E28 M5 -- it certainly gets my stamp of approval.


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