Saturday, November 17, 2012

5k Flash: 1971 Toyota Corona Wagon MkII -slushbox

The 1st generation Toyota Corona MkII was based on the Corona, but was slightly larger model slotted to fit price-wise between Corona and Crown.  We are big fans of Coronas, MkIIs and Crowns today because they are dirt cheap and easy to maintain.  This 1971 Toyota Crown Mark II wagon is available for sale in Tujunga, CA for $2000 via craigslist.

 This Corona Mk II wagon could be confused with a Corona wagon because they were available from Toyota during the same time.  The 'Mark' designation does not imply ancestry, it was an attempt at designating a higher model level and the MkII has entirely different sheet metal but rides on the same basic structure, suspension and drivetrain.

 The seller describes the interior as immaculate, but we aren't sure if we'd agree because we see dirt, wear/tear, a falling apart steering wheel cover and aftermarket gauges.  But this is a $2000 car and perhaps the seller is saying it is immaculate compared to the other rusted and driven to oblivion 40 year old Japanese wrecks for the same price.  It is also automatic equipped so we won't even go into the details of the 4 cylinder engine, suffice to say it will be glacially slow.

The paint also has seen better days, but we think this car would be better served with a few spot touchups instead of the full spray, mostly because it isn't worth a proper $7-8k paint job and a $500 Earl Scheib "Mr Overspray" special would reduce the car value and be generally regretted.   This wagon needs little attention to be a perfect beater car, just please don't move it out of California because you'd forever lose its original blue plates and that'd be a shame.

See another blue plate special? email us here:

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  1. Interesting. I always thought the Mark 2 had a six-cylinder, but I see from Wikipedia that it was only the second generation that got the six:

    Anyway, this car could be a nice cheap retro toy (excuse the pun) for someone in the sunny south.



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