Thursday, November 1, 2012

5k All-Saints Day: 1970 Volvo P1800, Low Miles

The Saint was a British TV show from the 1960s staring Roger Moore as a James Bond mixed with Robin Hood character.  The main character's ride was a white Volvo P1800 and it was a regular part of the show.  Today in celebration of All Saints Day, the Roman Catholic celebration of those who have attained the beatific vision in Heaven, we are going to celebrate with nothing but Volvo P1800s.  While not exactly beatific in its vision - this first 1970 Volvo P1800 is available in Epping, NH via craigslist and is claimed to have only 14,000 original miles.

The details on this P1800 are a bit scarce - but the seller shows a picture of the odometer showing 14,000 miles.  Unlike American cars from the same era, the P1800 was expected to last more than 100k miles, so the odometer had 6 digits and, if legit, this low miles could be a big plus when it comes to resale.

The P1800 is powered by a tractor motor - an inline 4 to be precise, but the later fuel injected motor (technically this is a P1800E) and uses Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection for 130 horsepower.

Inside this Volvo isn't bad for a sub $4k car - it doesn't look like the homeless have been using it as a toilet and aside from the carpet needing some cleaning, it looks nice.  The dash isn't cracked and the seats look fine too.

Bottom line: This isn't a bad price for a classic with super low miles and a lot of questions about why those miles were so low.  Our biggest concern would be that it sat for 20 years and every seal and rubber part needs replacement.  Be sure to check this car carefully for rust and hand over the cash because we think this is a fantastic deal.

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  1. ~ running & driving, low mile history, great color, magnetic attraction at this price.

  2. List: Have fondness for BRG 1800;s.
    Given wheels are from a 72E or 72-3 ES and grill is from the 67-9 series, missing center console,missing front badge in front of hood.......repaint?? etc....---I have my doubts on miles advertised.
    Being a Northern car-regardless of miles---an inspection is warranted.
    My painful experience has been---its cheaper to buy one done than to buy at fixer--especially at close to $ 4k.
    65 forever under construction:

  3. a little odometer tampering ?? maybe ?
    and the reverse drill got stuck in the on position........


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