Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5k: 1974 Ford Maverick w/ 5.0 V8

 The Ford Maverick was the little brother to the Mustang, lighter, cheaper and slower; but somehow in the early 70s, it always seemed a bit cooler, perhaps it was the fact that it wasn't a Mustang II.  Whatever the reason, it was always saddled with some second hand inline 6s and never given the full chance to shine, at least until Fox Body Mustang V8s could be found littering scrap yards.  This 1974 Ford Maverick with 5.0 V8 is for sale in Orange County, CA for $6,000 via craigslist.

This Maverick looks splendid in a shade of Avocado green that just screams 1970s and we looks great with matching granny steelies and chrome hub caps.  No superman paint jobs or dubs for this vintage ride please! As an added plus, the seller states this is the original paint, probably Ford's "medium lime yellow" paint code 4-W.

This Maverick has received a full engine/trans swap from a 1989 Mustang GT - which would have put out 225 horsepower and 300 ft-lbs of torque, but the seller has added a cam, intake and some exhaust work which probably puts it closer to 250-275 horsepower.  It should be more than enough oomph to get the lightweight Maverick chassis to flex, bend and do epic one-wheel-peel (no mention of rear end work, so it probably came with an open 8 inch rear from the factory).

The lime yellow color continues to the inside where we are barraged with more 70s awesome, except for some red seats installed by someone suffering from an acute case of monochromacy.  The seller does say that he still has the original lime bench seat - yes!

This car still looks like a fair deal - original paint, swapped V8, granny wheels/tires; what's not to like?

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  1. That is sweet. It definatly needs the seats recovered. but I would do that instead of the bench. Inagine going to the upolstery shop and asking for a lime green velour.

  2. ditto on sweet - except for those seats - wow, BAD... The last Maverick mod I saw had a 427 jammed in there, butchered the shock towers to get it in and, well touch the gas and be facing the other direction. This is much smarter and, well, sweet!

  3. I like the idea of a smallish RWD with a manual and a V8 but the interiors on these mid-size cars (ditto the Nova) are just too tight. I drove my coaches Grabber(?) Maverick and even with the manual it had no redeeming value. How he fit his 6'4" body into this thing I'll never know.

  4. What's not to like? those damn federally mandated bumpers! Buy the car , reinstall the bench seat , fit is with pre-73 bumpers and drive it!

  5. What are you guys smoking?


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