Monday, November 12, 2012

5k: 1972 Mercedes-Benz O309D Omnibus Project

The Mercedes-Benz Omnibus is no stranger to the Daily Turismo; we've featured an O309D that was a city bus and converted into an RV, but today we've found one a bit more...industrial.  This 1972  Mercedes-Benz O309D Omnibus Van project is for sale via for $4200 and located in Beaverton, OR.

This olive drab colored Omnibus is currently wearing a homemade Aperture Laboratories insignia, a salute to the Valve Co video game Portal.  Portal, a spin-off from the epic shooter Half-Life, is set in a post-apocalyptic Upper Michigan Peninsula and we can't imagine a more fitting vehicle for survival in the UP than the Omnibus (today or when aliens invade).

This Omnibus is a full Van - no side windows and is therefore much better setup for survival when the earth is ruled by oppressive alien overlords.  The seller currently uses it for car hauling and we think this could be used as a mobile parking spot/garage for a modern day MacGyver.  It is powered by a 5 cylinder MB diesel engine and mercifully mated to a manual transmission (diesels and slushboxes don't play well together - one is always trying to tell the other what to do and somebody's day gets ruined).  Expect it to be slow, maybe crack 70 mph with foot to the floor on  flat ground, but it will be able to mow down all kinds of Combine forces.

The seller has included a photo of his Omnibus loading his Haflinger in the back - we think this van would be a great choice for toy hauler - much better than some overpriced American pickup and a 55mph limiting trailer attached to the rear.  Bottom line; if you want to be able to blend into the post-apocalyptic earth, a van with the name of one of our future corporate overlords would be a great choice.  Buy it now before the invasion begins and stuff like this skyrockets in price.

See another zombie proof survival van for sale...please report the suspicious seller to your local Universal Union Overwatch center and get 5 meal credits.  Vigilant citizens are key to keeping our Union safe, please be sure to report all suspicious activity and keep your monitoring anklets charged at all times.  -UU Staff.


  1. ~ this unit has dozens of potential uses while you're waiting for the apocalypse. temporary storage while the garage organizes itself is near the top of the list.

  2. See, and I decided to forgo the self-organizing option when we built our house.

    Worst. Decision. Ever.

    1. ~ made the same mistake countless times. worth it at twice the price.

  3. Germany's answer to our faithful Grumman UPS vans.

  4. I absolutly love it,wonder if my 911 would fit in it.Could save some tire on the way to the track.


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