Thursday, November 8, 2012

5k: 1966 Volvo Amazon 122S; Thorsday Custom!

Welcome to a new edit of Daily Turismo's favorite weekly obsession about Scandinavian rolling junk, Thorsday!  Today we are going to start off on the right foot with a bargain priced coupe from the guys in Torslandaverken.  This 1966 Volvo Amazon 122S custom is for sale in Toledo, OH, currently bidding on ebay for $5,500 with a buy-it-now of $7,500.  (thanks to tip from DT reader Doctordel).

Swedish legend has it that the Amazon's designer, Jan Wilsgaard, was inspired by 1950s American cars when he penned the Amazon, particularly cars from the now defunct Kaiser Automobile Company.  The Amazon does look like a 3:4 scale of any number of 50's American cars and today look cool.  This one has been de-bumpered and de-chromed and wears some matte-black accents next to its shiny red/orange paint.

This Amazon is powered by the B18 engine, a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine that has been bored 0.060" over, has dual Webbers, a hot cam, header and probably puts out 150-180 horsepower and similar amount of torque.  It puts power out via a 4 speed manual transmission with electric overdrive.

The insides of this Volvo have also been modified - with some tacky red insert seats with gigantic Volvo lettering.  It looks to have been thoroughly restored with new and custom parts and with any luck was put together by someone with attention to detail and a large pocketbook.

This Volvo does have some issues - its got a few paint bubbles and needs a new master cylinder, but the price is appropriately low.  The trick with a car like this is to make sure it wasn't put together by a bunch of idiots (think Pimp My Ride) and that the builder used best quality materials and didn't cut corners.

See another Amazon for sale: email us here:


  1. Not my shot-o-whiskey, but looks pretty cool regardless. Now, that motor and Engine bay in a closer to stock Amazon would be awesome.

  2. ~ i'm not crazy about the seat color but the wheels are nice and the engine looks great, too. battery needs to move to the trunk. it doesn't appear it will get close to the Buy it Now.


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