Friday, November 2, 2012

5k: 1956 Willys Wagon with Toyota Chassis and Chevy V8 - Project

 The Willys Jeep Wagon was the father of the modern SUV, the first mass marketed all-steel wagon with off-road capabilities and is a cool retro ride today.  The Toyota Hilux pickup was a more modern interpretation of that original paradigm, but lacked sufficient power from its 4 cylinder engine.  But if you could Frankenstein the cool factor of the Willys, usability of the Hilux and power it with a proper'd have this 1956 Willys Wagon with Toyota Chassis and Chevy V8 for sale in Castro Valley, CA offered on ebay for $2,900 buy-it-now.

The Willys Wagon is one of those iconic vehicles that just looks cool sitting on a trailer.  It was manufactured by Willys-Overland Motors and later by Kasier-Jeep Corporation and was the choice of vehicle for families who lived on farms or down long dirt roads.  Today's SUVs are purchased by city-folks who would be better served with a small station wagon, but back in the day only hillbillies who really needed to do some serious off-roading would live with the horrible ride and single digit fuel economy.

This Willys Wagon comes with a Toyota Pickup chassis to 'swap' under the Willys body to make a Willyota.  It looks like all the parts are here and all you need is a good hydraulic lift and about 10,000 hrs of custom fabrication time to get this done.

This small block Chevy v8 also comes with the Willys body and Toyota chassis - again just a small job for a weekend...or a year.  The seller mentions that he thinks it is a 283 cubic inch small block, but he isn't sure..probably something you should verify before purchase.

Ok - truthfully, this would be no small project.  But on a per pound basis, we think you could break even if you hauled the entire mess to the scrap yard and sold it for raw metal prices.  If we were stock analysts we would classify this project as a "hold" and change to "buy" after the next guy puts a whole lot of time, effort and parts into doing most of the swap.

See another Willys Jeep Toyota Chevy for sale?  email us here:


  1. I think this listing could be reworded as: For sale - two or three really neat but half-baked ideas. Some assembly required.


  2. ~ a lot of mismatched parts for not much cash. i bought a '51 Willys Wagon w/ SBC in Minneapolis when i was 20 for $400 and a VW bus trade. thought it would climb anything.


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