Tuesday, November 6, 2012

15k Flash: 1994 Mercedes SL600 V12 R129 low miles

Car enthusiasts nuts have all kinds of lists, ones that they fill with requirements for cars that they must own before they die.  Surely a good list would include, an Alfa Romeo, a track car, a new car, something with a GM LS V8 shoehorned where it doesn't belong, and a V12. Today we aren't going help with the earlier parts of the list, only the V12.  This 1994 Mercedes SL600 R129 chassis is equipped with a 6 liter V12, has a shockingly low 57k miles and is sale for a premium $14k via craigslist in Toccoa, GA.

The R129 Chassis is one of the last of the reliable era Mercedes and was the choice for filthy rich balding men 20 years ago.  It is only available with an automatic transmission, but its sleek styling and big V12 make it a great weekend cruiser.

The SL600 is powered by a 6 liter V12 - the M120, a DOHC brute that puts out 389 horsepower and the only complaint is that the stock exhaust system mutes the beautiful V12 soundtrack, but this is a Mercedes and it was designed for the introvert millionaire.  

Inside this Merc shows some wear, but it uses the older Mercedes materials that wear much better than the recent replacement materials.

Bottom line, you could spend a lot more money and wind up with a lot less car than this low mile Merc.

See another cheap V-12?  Email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com

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  1. ~ these are about as new of SL as i would want to own, though the 280 & 190 are my preference. i have not driven a V12 model but am told it is superior even to the very fine V8, smooth and quiet like driving a cloud. great for touring but less connected.


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