Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10k: Custom Hotrod; Riddler

 Searching craigslist with the term 'custom' is an experience akin to lifting a paving stone on a wet autumn day...you know you will see unidentifiable poly-legged things that will make your skin crawl but you keep looking for more.  Each click of the next page is like lifting the next paver and like kids looking for centipedes, we sometimes find awesome stuff that we want to show our friends.  This undisclosed model year, unclear make, unknown model Custom Hotrod is for sale in El Monte, CA for $10,000 via craigslist.

This Custom Hotrod has a very limited description provided by its seller.  In fact, it is so short that we will just share it here:

Im selling my custom made hotrod. Asking for 10000 o.b.o or willing to trade for a harley or lifted chevy truck.my number is 626466XXXX

No mention of make, model, engine, transmission...none of the typical information that we would like to see...but from the photos it looks like it is powered by a small block Chevy V8.  The general construction looks to be from a late 50's or early 60's hot hod shops from the likes of Big Daddy Ed Roth or a reasonable facsimile, perhaps built from a mini truck chassis like the S10.  Our biggest reservations would be buying a car from someone who is so incapable of creating a simple advertisement; we only wonder what dealing with this person would be like in person.  

See another "custom" for sale? email us here:  tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Almost looks like an MGTD body.

    1. ~ this must be Scot in SanJose. but from the cowl humps and door shape i think you have pegged some portion of the mystery. ~ scot in SL.

    2. Yes, that is correct, it was the other Scot. Made a mistake with my name when posting by phone. Owned a '52 TD the same color, different motor though.

      Have to thank you for the tip on the Amazon wagon at University Imports. Will fill in the details when I get the car.

    3. ~ @ Scot (SJ),
      . you bought Steve's wagon ?? score, dude! i love that car. and you couldn't be buying from a nicer guy ! ! will be anticipating the rest of the story. are you having it shipped or will you drive it home?
      . the TD is an icon of classic cars, though the fiberglass likeness was once prolific. this ad doesn't state if it has a heritage beyond Fiberfab but it is moderately interesting, even with the engine scab. do you know where your's went? i'm really drawn to the TF series but they are all so symbolic of British sports cars. sc ~ (SL)

    4. Scot in San Jose - send us some photos and the details of your Volvo acquisition when you get it - we'll post it up!

  2. 10000 what? Pennies? M&Ms? Uglier than my ex-mother-in-law.

  3. Let's send one of the staff out there to find out about the experience??

    1. To quote Lawrence from office space: "Peter... watch out for your cornhole, bud."

  4. Looks like it comes with a nice piece of built-in bedroom furniture also...



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