Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10k: 2001 BMW 750iL V12 E38: Zombie Proof

Continuing our appreciation for all things powered by a V12, we need to feature a BMW since they have long offered a V12 in sedans that have since depreciated to junk yard cheap levels.  This 2001 BMW 750iL (e38 series) is powered by a V12 and for sale in Harker Heights, TX for $8500 via craiglist.

This was the last year for the final pre-Bangle BMW 7-series, back when a 7 series was luxury status symbol and not some piece of moving art.  This particular example is claimed to be a "Presidential Series", but we aren't sure what that means (we think it could be the Protection), but it does have bullet proof glass - hence our Zombie Proof label.  Just keep running those mindless drones over and don't worry inside your fortress...at least until you run out of gas, which will be soon in a V12 powered 5000 lb automobile.

The 750 is powered by the M73TUB54, a 5.4 liter SOHC (2 valves per cylinder!?) V12 that puts out 322 horsepower and 361 ft-lbs of torque.  The M73 was controlled by two separate 6 cylinder ECUs that had to communicate with drive by wire throttles and functioned basically independently on the two banks of the engine...a recipe for longevity and easy of troubleshooting...no... that's not right, it is a nightmare if something goes wrong.

Inside the 750iL - the back seats are huge, with an astonishing 42 inches of rear legroom.  It is definitely designed for back seat passengers and won't be particularly sporty to drive, no matter what the marketing buffoons from BMW try to tell you.

We still think the E38 7-series was the last good looking BMW flagship sedan and clearly the V12 is the one to get - don't waste your time with a 740, you will just want the V12 later on.

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  1. Every time I see this model number "750iL" I want to read it as " 75 Oil ". Somehow that seems sort of Freudian for this thirsty beast.


    1. ~ that's how i felt about it but the seller has been convinced otherwise, 'V12 very economic on gas. The way V12 operates, more power, less gas' i'd like to sell this guy some swamp land but the 'BulletProof Windows' give me pause. CONSUMER GUIDE® averaged only 13.2 mpg in a 750iL,

    2. I had 2 750il,s a 97,and a 2001. Not only was it the best CAR made. ever. but they both got 26 miles per gallon highway. and at least 10-12 in the city. my Honda ACCORD V6 got 11-27. do the comparo and justify it. people who never had a v12 talk from their asses,usually.

    3. Yes those idiots do talk from their ASSes that is usually full of crap!
      V12 baby all the way😝

    4. My '01 750il gets 25mpg even after tweeting motor to 600hp
      Just need new tires every 10kmiles

  2. I used to have a 1998 750iL. It was a great car but...as it approached 100K miles the number of problems overwhelmed the car. I had a lot of trouble getting it smogged in CA. There's all kinds of EGR valves and whatnot positioned very inconveniently under the intake manifold. Getting in there is expensive. Also, suspension bushings tend to be shot by then as well. The front end clunked and replacing the parts is labor intensive. There was always either a check engine light, airbag light, or some other idiot light illuminated. The economics just didn't work. Unfortunately, modern BMWs aren't built to last.
    But on a more positive note, the car as luxurious as expected. The back seats were awesome. And, the fuel mileage on the highway was surprisingly good. About 24mpg at 75mph. In the city, its more like 12mpg. It did fine on 87 octane.

  3. Nice to see a real-world experience. I had a brief outing with one of these once (a Japanese-market model, in fact) and was very impressed. What a fabulous cruiser. However the comment above confirms my fear of high-mileage techno-wagons. I guess none of these are destined to become the 40-year-old classics of the future, since they all will be sitting in limp-home-mode with a dashboard full of blinking warning lights. This is progress?


  4. "clearly the V12 is the one to get - don't waste your time with a 740, you will just want the V12 later on"

    I wouldn't necessarily say all that. The M62 available this year had around 325hp and torques if I remember correctly. Not much less than the V12. In addition, it was MUCH easier to work on, diagnose, and cheaper. Whenever I see a 750, my sympathies are usually with the owner and his pocketbook.

  5. The M62 did not make 325. More like 280. The m73 v12 makes 325 but it also has tons of torque and low end torque at that.

    The m73 engine is a very simple 2 valve per cyliner engine that is bullet proof compared to a m62 with $2,000 timing chain guides that blow up at 100k every time.

    It is hard to work on a v12 for the space. There is almost zero room to put your hands anywhere. They really squeezed the stuff in.

    Diagnosis is no harder than a M62 that is for sure. What would the mystery be?

    If you want to own an E38 750 right now you will be just fine if you can do some wrenching and you join a forum and get some diagnostic software. My 750 has already had $3,000 in work done on it by me for about $50. I love this car!

  6. If anyone is please e-mail me shubie117@gmail.com


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