Saturday, November 3, 2012

10k: 1992 Volvo 740 w/ LS1 V8 Swap

 The Volvo 700 series was launched in 1982 as a replacement for Volvo's aged 200 series, but never edged out its younger brother and the 200 lasted past the end of 700 series production.  Available in coupe, sedan and wagon, the 700 bottom line was the 740 (called 745 in wagon trim) and was powered by a small 4 cylinder engine.  This 1992 Volvo 740 is powered by a GM LS1 V8 and is for sale in Fallbrook, CA currently bidding on ebay for $9,999 with a buy-it-now of $12k. (Big thanks to professional DT commenter Scot for the tip!)

It is no secret that we at the Daily Turismo have an issue with Volvos, especially in plain vanilla white. We also like wagons with firebreathing engine transplants and manual transmissions - I think we love this combo because its never actually been offered for sale new by any OEM.  Mercedes AMG E55 wagon probably comes closest - but it is a slushbox and every other factory stock wagon is either front wheel dive, slow or hasn't depreciated to our price range yet (CTS-V Wagon).

This 740 780 is powered by a GM LS1 gen III V8 from a Corvette - probably making around 400 horsepower with its current state of modification.  Lucky for Californians who like to drive fast (or unlucky for Californians who hate lung choking smog and tire shredding maniacs) it maintains its original diesel title and is therefore free of nanny-state required smog tests and will be legal to drive on the street and have incredibly reasonable insurance rates.

The inside of this Volvo looks in decent shape, but does show some signs of aging.  No mention if it has the rear facing seats in the back, but they can be found on ebay for cheap and installed in an afternoon.

The current owner of this car shows remarkable clarity in vision by posting a series of photos doing an impressive burnout (on private property, of course).  It does show that he has built the car to drive fast and have fun, but it also shows that he is likely an honest person and we appreciate this kind of candor.  We think the price is a bit high - but you'd have a hard time building it yourself for less.

See another V8lvo for sale?  email us here:


  1. Love V8 Volvo wagons, but always a little nervous about build quality. Again, Ebay provides LOTS of insight here. Look at the seller's feedback comments and the items sold. I'll admit, I've never heard of Yoshifab, so looking him up on the internet, he's not new to volvo's, suspension or tuning to speed.. this may be worth a closer look.

  2. ~ despite the color i love this car. i found this quote on an LSX thread, '= Good gas milage; with a T56, can hit near 30 MPG highway'
    . Corvette owners often brag of even better highway economy.
    . diesel Volvo wagons use an 11 inch brake rotor opposed to 10 inch on gas models and sedans, making this the best car to begin the build.
    . 3 years ago i bought a Bertone 780 coupe with the intention of transplanting an LS motor with T56 to replace the PRV V6 and auto trans. when i found a 5litre 745 on eBay i sold the coupe to my Volvo mechanic. i still consider taking that plunge. V8vlos rule.
    . from the pavement stripes we know it has limited slip differential.
    actually eBay post reads, 'G80 locking differential'

  3. I know it is spendy, but I love it. If I was married, this would be on my must-have list. What could be better than a stick and 400 ponies with the radar signature of a grackle?

    1. "Andrew Liss, November 3, 2012 6:35 PM
      I know it is spendy, but I love it. If I was married, this would be on my must-have list. What could be better than a stick and 400 ponies with the radar signature of a grackle?"

      ~ ya never hear a guy say, 'if i WAS married'
      -you are absolutely right, invisivolvo. i'm joinin'-

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I bet that property owner would love to see these photos............

  5. Kudos- that is one nice build. Worth every penny. Whilst Converse 5.0 was "the" swap in the day (and still represents great value), these LS swaps are the way to go today, and YoshFab appears to have nailed it.

    /would a CherryTurbo strut bar fit across the LS heads?
    /can the stock Dana 30 take this much power/torque?

  6. ~ as i scrolled through my eBay watchlist this afternoon i realized that this beauty has brought a price of US $15,200.00 Winning bid on May 20! well done.


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