Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10k: 1966 VW Bus Kombi; Brazilian 16-Window

We really wish we could say that we don't see VW Buses on the road today - because they are slow, smelly, horrible piles of junk- but unfortunately the damn things run forever and today have become collectible to the point that even the worst basket case is saved from the crusher.  This is terrible news as the average vehicle speed on SF Bay Area freeways would increase by 25 mph if all VW Buses were crushed and sent to China to be recycled into Matchbox versions of VW Buses...ironic ain't it!  Even worse news is that a Brazilian (just how many is a Brazilian anyway!) immigrant Type 2 has made its way into our fair land and this 1966 (in title only) VW Bus is now for sale via for $9500 USD (R$20,000 Brazilian Reals).

VW Type 2 experts will tell you that this thing looks odd - it has some of the attributes from a pre-1968 (such as the rear hatch, and double hinged - not sliding - side doors) mixed with later clues such as the front nose, curved bay window and rear lights.  What we do know is that VW Type 2 Kombis were built in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil starting in 1976 and are still being pumped out today.

The Kombi is powered by a 1.6 liter aircooled flat four which puts out a melodious bleating noise from its tailpipes while struggling to keep pace with street sweepers and loaded snow plows.  If you like to go fast (we are looking at you Mr Richard Bobby) this isn't the bus for you.

Inside the Kombi offers seating for the unwashed 47% and we are particularly keen the fact that the seats can be moved from standard bus seating to a lounge setup - great for Burning Man, Occupy Oakland or building a larger scale Mercitron.

Clearly the coolest feature on this samba-machine is the curved rear 1/4 panel windows - and we've never seen the likes of them on a 'Bay Window' bus before - they only came out of Germany on the earlier 1st-generation split window buses. This Kombi would get you a prime parking spot at any VW meet but would need a ton of body/paint work before it starts winning you any trophies, not that winning trophies is something you'd want to do.  But if going slow and hauling hippies is your thing, we couldn't recommend a cooler ride.

See another Brazilian that needs it door handles shaved? email us here:


  1. "just how many is a Brazilian anyway?"

    Best line of the month. Give yourselves the CotW award!

  2. Not all of DT thinks VW buses are horrible piles of junk, although they definitely are slow. This editor has driven and camped in a '78 Westfalia in Death Valley, and it drove much better than expected. There's no getting around the sail-like behavior in the wind though...lots of surface area for wind pressure, low weight, and small diameter tires make for a harrowing desert highway experience. Wonderful setup for stationary camping though.

  3. That ain't no '66. More like a '76.

  4. @CFlo:

    Yeh you right. Nothing quite says......... Fuck You... to Mitt Romneyites .like a VW bus and especially a pre '68. They are everythng our amped up, over priced, over developed heat a baby's bottle with a blow torch (Tip O The Hat to the late Barry Commoner) society is not.

    Burning Man while fun is just a pale shadow of what the Mad Men would have considered "hippies"..........and driving them is just plain fun.

    There I said it.


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