Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DTween/WW 5k: Human Powered Velomobile

Today we have a combined Daily Turismoween and Wasteland Wednesday post and you'll have to stay with us to understand our reasoning.  It is also the first human powered vehicle to be featured by the Daily Turismo and is one of a kind.  This home-built Human Powered Velomobile was for sale in Fullerton, CA via ebay but failed to get a single bid at $500 and we hope the seller would be willing to accept offers if he re-lists the car item.

This Cadillac/Buick/Bentley looking vehicle is a custom piece of rolling art and cheap too - you don't need to be Lance Armstrong's pharmacist to afford this beauty.  It is truly unique and we have to give some props to the builder as he clearly had the vision, tools, talent, narcotics and drive to create this thing.  We are classifying it as a Horrorod because we think that it would be the perfect rural trick-or-treat transport if you live in a neighborhood with long driveways and have little kids who want to go trick or treating.  It is also likely to land you in the emergency room with horrific injuries if you tangle with another moving vehicle.

This Velomobile is powered by...well...your two legs!  If you are Lance Armstrong that means it is powered by 2 legs for a total of 2.5 peak horsepower (sprint) and maintain a cruise of 0.3 horsepower for a longer drive - but only if you first apply a fresh testosterone patch to your remaining testicle. For folks like Sheryl Crow the numbers are closer to 1.2 peak and .1 sustained but only if all you wanna do is have some fun.

We think this car also qualifies as Wasteland Wednesday special because after the apocalypse gas stations will quickly run out of gas and if we've learned anything from watching Mad Max - gasoline will become a much sought after commodity that bands of mo-hawked thugs will fight to the death over.  This Velomobile will never need gas and as long as the supplies of human growth hormones don't run out you'll be able to maintain a good clip.

This thing is a bit of a tank - weighing 185 lbs, the seller says "Yes, you read that right" and we aren't sure if he is saying it is heavy or light...but considering most full suspension mountain bikes weigh less than 30 lbs you won't want to bike up any hills, slight inclines, speed bumps or anything other than a downward slope....and we know of a few good cliffs that this thing could take a final ride...

See another HPV for sale that won't give you HPV?  email us here:


  1. ~ if the body construction is papier-mâché (as it appears) why so much weight? i've got a 26lb Mirada that burns my legs to cinders in 200 yards of steep grade. (seller does admit it's quite heavy)
    . youtube video;
    plus a couple more.

    1. ~ this remark from eBay listing gave me a chuckle;
      'This vehicle is at home in places where other cyclists have an open mind (i.e. places like Portland and the Burning Man Festival), but I do occasionally get barked at by uptight cyclists who are offended at the size of this beast…though it is interesting to note that at 28” wide, this vehicle will slip through tight spaces and doorways fairly easily. However, its long wheelbase and broad steering cut angle require a very wide turning circle. If you want to strip 40lbs off of the vehicle, scrap the body and just ride a bare frame.'
      he left out Austin and Key West, but i'll forgive that.

    2. And he forgot Venice Beach too!

    3. Love it! It's a bike wearing a car costume!

      All it needs is a loud horn and an erratic, angry driver who swears as cyclist. Once we have that, we can name it "Road Rage".




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