Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DT Roadkill Update: Baby Cobra

Snake experts say that baby cobra bites are the most fatal because they inject their entire venom supply into their victims instead of metering out a small amounts like an adult cobra, but we think that baby cobras are lighter, faster and more maneuverable than the grown up version. We are talking about V8 swapped Austin-Healey Sprites here, because we share Indiana Jones' fear of real snakes. We received an email from the seller of this Rover V8 equipped Bugeye and wanted to share it with our readers.

Thank you very much for writing and posting the ad. That was an incredible write-up. I just received a call from Chicago yesterday with a gentleman who wants to drive it home.
By the way, the control stick is hooked up to starter, horn, turn signals, extra brake light switch and passing lights. The trigger switch is open but available for nitrous, or whatever.

Thank you again,

Glenn D


We met and talked with Glenn at the Coronado Festival of Speed and can say he is a nice guy and did some fantastic work on the Bugeye.  We hope the gentleman from Chicago buys it, drives it home and sends us some photos from the drive. And the trigger should be hooked up to an 'awoooogahh' horn. 

Have another success story to share with us, email DT here:  mail@dailyturismo.com 

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  1. nice blue - would look really good on a volvo - just sayin'


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