Thursday, October 18, 2012

DT: Introducing Daily Turismo Flash

We at the Daily Turismo like to introduce new features to from time to time that can help our audience.  While we cannot provide the kind of professional help that some of our readers need - we can provide more cars and more articles.  But to do that would mean spending less time on the things that we normally do each day- such as, in no particular order: waiting in line at the pharmacy for our meds; thinking of new anagrams for the word "Volvo"; driving safely under the speed limit; work; smoking meat; fixing garage doors, etc.  So we've introduced a new style of article called DT Flash that is shorter than our premium feature articles.

A DT Flash article will consist of short introduction of the subject car, a few choice photos and then the DT Flash gauges.  They are, in no particular order:

The Acceleration scale from slow to fast consists of a VW Beetle, Volvo 242, BMW E36 M3 and Nissan GTR.

The Handling scale from horrible to good consists of a U-Boat, Ford Taurus SHO, Nissan 370Z and Lotus Elise.

Finally, the Richard scale is an indicator of how much of a dick the folks who normally drive these cars are on a day-to-day basis. From major dick to nice guy is Branson, Nixon, the Lionheart and Hammond.

We will add more scales as we feel appropriate, but we think that we could add a few scales around cool, comfort, originality and value.  If you have an suggestions please feel free to add them to the comments below or email us at

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  1. Really loving this site, you guys. Keep it up.


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