Friday, October 19, 2012

DT COW: Commenter of the Week

This week's commenter of the week originally posted an anonymous comment about a month ago and one of our regulars (Larry) made the following comment: "If you're going to continue making witty comments, you should start using another screen name. "The commenter of the week is anonymous" will sound a little strange."  Mr Anonymous subsequently put a name on his comments and won our commenter of the week prize this week with the following comment about the el-cheapo Lancer Shelby Shelby Lancer:  "Shelby, Smelby. A K-car by any other name is still Krap." Click thru the jump to see the winner.

Congrats to Big Len for his comment and we couldn't agree more.

Big Len's prize is a photo of the Red Lobster, an 80s March GTP car, read more about it here.

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