Thursday, October 4, 2012

Daily Turismoween Challenge

In order to celebrate Halloween Daily Turismoween, we at DT would like to send out an open challenge to our readers to find the best/worst cars for the month of October.  We want cars that raise the hair on the back of your neck worse than the scariest haunted house at Knott's Scary Farm.  The winner will get a Daily Turismo t-shirt shipped to him for free- but please note that we don't ship to PO Boxes or Insane asylums, so it probably rules out most of our regular commenters. 

An example for your viewing pleasure is this 1947 Ford Pickup Horrorod for bidding on ebay for $15,700 reserve-not-met.

We aren't going to bother with our normal commentary as this car needs little description...other than to note that the owner is using spittoons as velocity stacks and household brazed copper plumbing for fuel routing.

Be careful not to step onto the running board after running over small trick-or-treaters because the running board is actually an exhaust pipe.

Yowza- the interior looks like it was built by the special effects team from the movie "Saw" - but we really like the trash can transmission tunnel....a trashmission tunnel.  We wonder if Oscar the Grouch's dismembered body is hidden somewhere in the car...

Please submit your best/worst Halloween finds to and we will pick the best for the free T-shirt based on a complicated DT confidential formula involving number of pageviews, unique visitors and the number of times the words 'custom, rare, unique, euro, & stanced' are used in the ad - 1000 bonus points for an ALL-CAPS AD.

Happy Hunting!


  1. One will not soon forget, the first time they step out onto those 'running boards' in bare feet!

  2. If ya puke a lot, this is the vehicle to have!!! No stains on the interior for sure!

    Leave it to DT to come up with these great vehicles!

  3. BTW, LOVE to old spittoon velocity stacks!!!

  4. ~

    - not Vampires Mummies and the Holy Ghost, these are the that terrify me the most.

  5. Very cool project. Whoever came up with this was an artist with a vision.


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