Thursday, October 25, 2012

5k DT Flash: 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300D Euro

Most of the W123 Mercedes-Benz diesel sedans for sale in California today smell like soybean oil and/or hippies, are laden with hideous diving board bumpers, but can't be killed by conventional means. In the words of Ellen Ripley, "nuke the entire site from orbit; it's the only way to be sure [that a W123 is really dead]." The fact that a given car is the automotive equivalent of a cockroach can be reason enough to consider it as your next Daily Turismo, but today we have an especially nice W123 Euro model that offers style along with invincibility. It is for sale in Los Angeles, resplendent in its green-on-green color scheme, thin bumpers and composite headlights. Find it here on ebay with reserve not met, and bidding near $6k.

The "thistle green" paint looks fantastic and is rarely seen on US market cars.
The W123 cars were designed from the beginning for these flush rectangular headlights and svelte bumpers; they look so much better in Euro trim, we wish they were sold like this everywhere.

The green velour interior would be an "acquired taste" for most, but at least it's immaculate. Manual windows and HVAC controls are a big plus in our book as they negate two of the main W123 failure points.

The non-turbo inline 5-cyl 3.0L diesel engine would be optimal for high-mileage cruising - definitely not for power. We wouldn't normally consider a naturally aspirated slushbox 300D but this one is just so clean and original, we'd be tempted by that funky '70s vibe of this '83. Give in to the avocado!


  1. Yeah, it may be just 5K right now, but on his site ( its $23K. So I guess it'll go for something like that.

    Beautiful condition, and beautiful restorations. Good Work!

  2. Cockroach? They're actually the automotive equivalent of a tortoise.

    That's why I own two of them. They make my fast cars seem so much faster.


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