Sunday, October 14, 2012

5k: 1980 Honda Accord; Minty Clean

The first generation Honda Accord was sold from 1976-1981 and started to solidify Honda's reputation in the US as a maker of reliable but boring transportation.  The Accord was essentially an extended version of the Civic platform and kept is front wheel drive setup and minimal curb weight.  This 1980 Honda Accord is for sale in Los Angeles, CA currently bidding on ebay for $2,000 reserve-not-met with 4 days to go.

This Accord is sold by a broker in Los Angeles as a single-owner classic in fantastic shape.  It still wears its 1980 issue original blue plates and paint (seller doesn't specifically say its original or original color) looks great in the photos.  While not a particularly good Daily Turismo from a performance perspective, this car has some appeal for a grocery getter and city commuter. 

 The Accord is powered by a 1.6 liter inline4 cylinder engine putting out 72 horsepower, mated to a Hondamatic 3 speed auto gear box - which uses individual gears on a parallel axis like a manual transmission (instead of planetary gears like most other slushboxes).  Although advertised as a 'semi-auto' gearbox, it still functions like a typical slushbox by draining all the fun out of a driving experience and we'd personally wait for a manual version of this car.  But if you are in the market for an auto - this one looks remarkably clean in and out.

We'd prefer to buy this kind of car from the owner instead of a broker - as the broker will typically give you all kinds of positive answers and tell you that it is 100% reliable - an owner will give you more details around the reasons for selling it etc.  Anyway - at the current bidding price it looks a good deal, anything over $4k would start to get into overpriced range and we'd suggest waiting for a 5 speed version.

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  1. Sweet car. I hope it stays someplace without snow.

  2. +1 to Andrew's comment. Go anywhere near salted roads, and this thing will magically turn into a pile of iron oxide and plastic bits. Been there, done that with a similar vintage Accord. At least the one I was driving had a proper manual to keep it entertaining while it rusted away...

  3. ~ my bride's family owned enough Hondas to put the dealer's kids through college (in-state schools) and never one single Honda-matic. i think our first Civic wagon, a '78, retailed for an exorbitant, no-haggle $2995, and got 35-40 mpg.

    1. ~ i'd have expected better interest in an Accord this clean.
      US $2,125.00 Reserve not met

    2. Pretty sure it was the slushbox holding this one back.

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