Wednesday, October 31, 2012

15k DTween: 19XX Batman Freaks Must See

Welcome to our first ever Halloween Daily Turismoween - if you are expecting to see a bunch of mint condition Alfa's and barn find Porsches, you will be severely disappointed.  What you will see today is carnage, mayhem, horror and just a pinch of awesome.  We didn't even know there was a company that built cars called "Batman Freaks", but boy are we glad we found this one.  It is an undisclosed model year Batman Freaks Must See and is for sale in Sarasota, FL for $15,500 or trade for "Coupe Vette".  

Wow - just imagine waking up each morning to this image on the trunk of your ride.  This Must See is covered with a trunk sized mural of a serious Batman and a drooling Joker who asks the question "Why So Serious?" The answer is probably because he just crapped his Batsuit when he saw the paint on this car.

From the side view the Batman Freaks looks remarkably like a 1964 Buick Riviera, but there is no such mention of this in the seller's ALL-CAPS sensory assault.  We must assume that any similarities are coincidence and this car is powered by some kind of Bat-turbine and assembled in an underground lair by Morgan Freeman.

What is more remarkable is that Robin and Catwoman got a mural on the hood - which seems like the place of honor over the trunk and we'd have swapped the location.  Since this is a Must See LX edition -the trunk and hood are totally swappable - so this could be done in an afternoon with a cresent wrench, a friend and a case of beer.  Bottom line:  If you can't even be bothered to tell people what kind of car is for sale, and YOUR CAPSLOCK IS CONSTANTLY ON...please don't be surprised if it doesn't sell.

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