Friday, October 19, 2012

15k DT Flash: 1997 BMW M3 with Corvette LS3/T56

We at the Daily Turismo continue to profess our love of the E36 M3 for its handling, speed and low entry cost.  This DT Flash entry stretches those assumptions a bit but we can't help but be impressed by this car.  Some creative lunatic took a 1997 BMW M3 and added a Corvette LS3 V8 and T56 manual transmission and is now selling it in Orlando, FL via craigslist for $22,500 asking.  (editor's note: Before you jump up and down screaming its too expensive and is above our self imposed $17.5k price limit, please note that we think it is over priced at the current asking and at $17.5k would still be a high price for a 200k mile chassis E36 with V8.) Thanks to tip from DT reader DanG.

This E36 has been lowered, tinted, and has aftermarket wheels, front lip, blacked out grill - but still manages to look good- not too riced out.

At 443 horsepower and 425 ft-lbs of torque to the pavement this 6.2 liter Corvette V8 transplant will easily shred the rear tires and cause passengers, pedestrians and passersby to be impressed.  Expect a lot of attention from your local PD.

Whoa - nice fish-eye lense, but a properly positioned pic from the back seat would give more detailed information on the condition of the dash, steering wheel, seats and other common wear surfaces.
Put down the fish-eye lens and step slowly away.  Please.  Fish eye doesn't help.

Now for the much ballyhooed and contentious DT Flash gauges.

We may have to change the naming on the handling gauge - as we wanted less of a specific 'g' level measurable statistic and more of a general fun-to-drive characteristic. 

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  1. ~ this BMW with LS motor and a 6speed stick is plucked straight from my fondest dreams. sure, i love a stock E36, but if you're going balls-to-wall in improvements this unit gets my blood coursing.
    . for the DT Flash gauges it might be a good idea to include an abbreviated explain for new DT readers.
    . while we're on it, why's Richard Branson to tricky Dick's right?


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