Monday, October 8, 2012

10k: 1980 Triumph TR7 w/ Nissan VG30ET

We've featured a Triumph TR7 before -and it had the Triumph engine removed and replaced with a V6 engine.  We assumed it was just an anomaly - someone with a busted TR7 and spare V6 sitting around...but apparently it's more commonplace than we thought!  This 1980 Triumph TR7 with Nissan turbo V6 is for sale in High Ridge, MO for $8800 via craigslist. (Thanks to tip from DT reader Andy L)

To those confused by the Cougar bait emblem - don't be - this car isn't powered by a Mercury Cougar, but we do have the following observation about this car.  Young chicks love a good convertible, (e.g. MBZ CLK, 3-Series Vert, Solstice/Sky etc) but this car is of a vintage that only vintage-women will think is cool.  Women who danced at the prom to Katie Perry will look at you like you are driving a spaceship, but women who danced to Spandau Ballet will climb aboard your rocketship.

Under the hood you will be shocked to see the stock 2.0 liter inline 4 has been replaced by a Nissan V6.  The seller doesn't specify which engine is used and while we at first were excited when we read that it had 300 horsepower stock - which could only mean it was the VG30DETT from the Z32 twin-turbo V6...but the photo clearly shows a VG30ET, the earlier single turbo 3.0 liter V6 making 205 horsepower in hottest stock tune.  Mated to the Nissan 5-speed gearbox this car will be pleasant to drive, but not fast without some serious aftermarket parts & tuning. 

Inside the Triumph gauges are all said to function with the Nissan engine - a remarkable feat considering that most 30 year old Triumph gauges don't work with Triumph engines...  The condition looks good as well - not a fancy place to spend time, but functional and efficient.

We think the wedge shaped TR7s look better in dark colors - something about the body lines on the side looking less artificial - and we also like the gold lettering on the black paint, looks very motorsports-y, and gold is a well known Cougar decoration.

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  1. On the upside, at least now there will be something on this TR7 that won't fall apart...

  2. ~ i spoke to this gentleman, Jim Eenneny, this evening and learned a bit more about the TR- VG30ET construction. his description made the car very (very!) tempting, even for this pauper. here is another car less than 5 miles from home. i sent the DT link to his craigslist reply email and got the location of his business to make an in-person inspection of it, time allowing. please excuse me while i run out for quick pick tickets. -sc

  3. Just looking at the front, is there adequate intake air to cool this turbo motor down?

  4. Black helps conceal the bumpers ... looks good.


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