Monday, October 29, 2012

10k: 1973 Porsche 914; Minty Clean

The Porsche 914 was created from a collaboration between Porsche and VW to replace the Porsche 912 and Karmann Ghia respectively.  Today's VW Chairman of the Board Ferdinand PiĆ«ch was the project leader for the 914 and the resulting 2-seater sold in much better than the 911 and setup the formula for cheaper Porsches for many years to come.  This 1973 Porsche 914 is about the nicest example we've ever seen and is for sale in Wrightsville Beach, NC, and currently bidding on ebay for $7,900 with 8 hours to go.

This Porsche 914 2.0L has recently been the subject of a thorough restoration that included a paint job and a bucket of new parts.  Cosmetically it looks about as good as they get - including the holes showing the missing 73+ US specific bumper extensions.  We hate the slapped on bumper appendages and would remove them ourselves if the car wasn't already defanged. 

 This 914 originally came with a 2.0 liter Volkswagen type 4 flat-4 cylinder engine, but the displacement has been bumped up to 2.2 liters, taking the stock 100 horsepower to something closer to 120-140 horsepower depending on camshaft and compression ratio of the build.  Yes it still sounds like a VW beetle, but at least it only has 2100 lbs to push around and a mid-engine setup that brings fantastic handling.

 Inside this 914 the seats, carpet and dash look fine.  It still retains its factory steering wheel - a plus considering that most have been replaced with various ugly aftermarket wheels.

This 914 looks nice and should sell for a price that will be hard to recreate on your own.  We hope the new owner will appreciate this fully depreciated version of the Boxster. 

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  1. ~ very few cars are available for under ten thousand bucks which can plaster a smile on your kisser like a 914 will. i haven't forgotten, and don't expect to forget my first drive in my girlfriends new '70 on the twisties north of DesMoines. yeeehaaa! rodeo me, darlin'!

    1. ~ Winning bid: US $8,620.00 stole this car.

  2. I always thought these cars were under-appreciated.


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