Saturday, October 27, 2012

10k: 1962 Volvo P1800 w/Ford V8

 If you’ve ever asked yourself “What the would the world have been like if Caroll Shelby (God rest his soul) had been born in Sweden instead of Texas?” Would his name have been Caroll Stiggy? While we'll never know for sure, the progeny of that daydream might look something like what just popped up on Ebay in the form of this chili-red 1962 Volvo P-1800 for sale in Miami, FL via ebay bidding at $8,000 reserve-not-met.

This P-1800 might have left Trolhatten    Gothenburg during the Cuban Missle Crisis expecting to spend its entire useful mechanical life toting a pipe-smoking philosophy professor from Woodstock to Vassar every morning, or toting Roger Moore around while he polished his acting creds as The Saint, but its fortunes have been altered by the same formula that allowed that Chicken-Farmer, turned snake-charmer to succeed on the street and track, by giving it a healthy injection of a good ole 'Merican V8

There's be no replacement for displacement and we at DT certainly love a good engine swap, especially when it  causes this P1800 to be transformed into a P5000.  We are also mindful that a little advance planning can be the difference between a well balanced performer and an uruly, overheating, handful.
In this instance, this car appears to be thoughtfully executed.   A peak at the engine compartment indicates everything is where it should be, with a fair amount of fresh air cooling around the 5.0, expect around 300-350 horsepower depending on internal engine component selection from the seller.

 The pictures are decent and plentiful, showing a well sorted interior and a better-than-Scheib paintjob. 
And..the owner seems forthcoming with an offer to supply more pictures upon request, which is always a good sign. The stance is right, the wheel wells are packed and the absence of bumpers keep the lines clean.

 While we'd rather row our own, the automatic might actually offer one more time to keep it pointed straight in the event the tail happens to step out...just a little.  The interior looks to be in great shape with nice accents like red piping on the seats and an aftermarket but period correct steering while.

Better still, it’s smog exempt if you can manage the freight from FL to CA, or it’s a great get away car if you’re in the unfortunate path of Sandy this weekend.   Either way, this one deserves a second look for anyone serious about well motivated Swedes.  Enjoy this one while we keep combing the internet for elusive reverse rotation Northstar powered Corvair.

Article written by DT Special Guest Author: The Berg.

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  1. ~ Gothenburg, Sweden. Trolhatten is home to SAAB.

    1. ~ come to think of it early 1800s were built in England by Jensen. In 1963 production was moved to Volvo's Lundby Plant in Gothenburg.

    2. Yes - you are correct, this post was written by our guest author and not our in-house Swedesavant CFlo - but we shall make a correction!

    3. ~ a fine article just the same. i wanted to show off my ability to google wiki facts. i like the idea of the SBF 1800 at least as well as an MGB or Triumph. like to do a side-by-side with the vaunted Tiger.

  2. Yeah. Prince of darkness electrics to go with Jensen-specific reliability...hmmm. Still, it's all of 45 minutes from me. Dammit.

  3. Pass. Pics show bad panel fit and some surface waves. Maybe the conversion was done absolutely correctly or maybe it wasn't. I definitely prefer the chrome window surrounds to the black rubber units, too. Maybe it's a steal, but too restomod for my taste.

  4. I always look at the seller's profile. In this instance, the seller has sold two cars on ebay with good feedback and has also purchased a car on ebay, which also lends credibility to the ad.

  5. Not so sure about that Hurst shifter. Yuk. Talk about cultures colliding. A YouTube with the sound of the engine running would certainly help market this hybrid.

  6. ~ Winning bid: US $12,400.00
    hope buyer reports impressions of this lil' Saint.


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