Saturday, September 29, 2012

Junkyard: 200 Cars in BC, Canada headed to the crusher

Its not often that we feature more than one car - but today we've got an entire collection of rotting cars for sale.  We got wind of 200 cars headed to the crusher (later this year or spring 2013) via the forums and contacted the seller at BTS Automotive and they directed us to their facebook page that has a number of photos of the soon to be crushed cars located in British Columbia, Canada.

The collection of cars at BTS Automotive's junk yard is quite varied.  We liked this 1965(?) Ford Galaxy 4 door - it looks to be in good shape for a junkyard car - but who knows what kind of plant life has grown thru rusted floorboards turning the inside of the galaxy to a greenhouse.,-116.905062&num=1&t=h&z=18&lci=com.panoramio.all

An aerial view from google maps shows the full extent of cars rotting in the forest and it is quite impressive.  We did a quick search of BTS Autmotive's photos and picked the ones we think stand out, and they are in no particular order:

Mercur XR4Ti

We originally thought this was some kind of rusted out French car...but is an Austin America.
Thanks to readers who pointed this out.

1979-81 Firebird
Ford Anglia

Lots more cars in BTS Automotive photostream here:

We have asked for a complete list of the cars and will publish it here if they provide one.  It is a shame to see these cars go to the crusher - perhaps some can be salvaged, if only for parts cars.  If you want to buy anything contact BTS Automotive via email here:

See some more cars headed to death by metal teeth?  Email us here:


  1. Sad. That Galaxy could be something if someone is up for a project. Personally, I like the four-doors, but realistically, it's probably never going to be worth what you'd need to invest.

  2. The "french car" looks like an Austin to me - probably an 1100? Looks like they have at least two of 'em actually.

  3. That "rusted out French car" is an Austin America. See here for comparison:,r:8,s:0,i:93

  4. Rusted out "French" car?

    Thats hilarious

  5. Love those junk yards!! Sadly, the politically correct term is 'salvage yard'... and that's a 66 Ford.

  6. ~ a salute to Melissa Surina for making this known. hopefully many of the cars and tons of useful parts are now going to find their way back to the road.


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